6 Baking Apps for a Soothing Sourdough Ritual

Sourdough baking became the national home activity when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. But even when people return to the office and their outdoor activities, baking bread is a great weekly wellness ritual to follow.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into sourdough baking, it’s best to start off on the right foot with some expert help. For that, there are plenty of sourdough bread apps vying for your love and your hard-earned dollar.

We’re here to cut out the rest, leaving you with only the best on the market. It is the yeast that we could do.

1. Ascent

The Rise Bread Scheduling App.
Image Credit: Rise

Rise is an iOS-based sourdough app. This charming sourdough bread baking diary app includes everything you need and everything you’ll need to do to bake your best ball yet.

If you’ve baked sourdough before, you already know that making it from scratch can be quite time consuming, especially in the beginning as you work to create your own homemade sourdough. Sourdoughs, bulk fermentation and fermentation times are all demystified here. For those embarking on a weekly sourdough hobby, there’s no better place to start.

To download: Rise (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Homemade Bread Recipe


Home Bread Recipe is a sourdough calculator app that comes with a color illustrated user interface that makes it easy for you to choose exactly what you want to bake.


This sourdough calculator takes things like the volume distribution of a baguette and adjusts the recipe based on that and other preferences – type of flour or different types of leavening agents, for example. It even includes instructions for things like adding a tangzhong flour roux to your bread, or making an enriched bun, if you’re feeling particularly fancy.

We love the homemade bread recipe because it totally eliminates sourdough concepts like hydration level and other headaches that aren’t exactly intuitive at first.

You are free to adjust, scale and modify any of the recipes found here using Pro mode. Many features are locked behind a paywall, but you can cook to your liking within the limit of the free version’s custom recipes.

To download: Homemade bread recipe (free in-app purchases available)

3. Sourdough Hydration Calculator

The Sourdough Hydration Calculator app.

Are you a home baker plagued eternally by a dry, tight crumb or an incomplete second proof? Fear nothing. The Sourdough Hydration Calculator is the sourdough recipe converter you didn’t know you needed. There are no ads or additional features. This app only does one thing, but it does it well.

This sourdough calculator app lets you triangulate the exact hydration of any combination of sourdough ingredients, all through a small menu of sliders. It’ll spit out the resulting stats, translating even your grandma’s most archaic recipe card from the vault into a ball of dough you can logically reckon with.

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Converting sourdough recipes applies not only to halving or doubling a recipe; as mentioned before, things like hydration in sourdough baking are also key physical factors that will make or break your baking.

With this sourdough calculator you can adjust the ratio of any ingredient, recipe hydration levels clearly and clearly updated as you go. You will even have the final weight of your bread before and after baking.

To download: Sourdough Hydration Calculator for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Crumbs

Crumb is a bread baking app for advanced sourdough makers who already have a few go-to recipes as part of their wellness baking rotation. If you already know how long your ideal autolysis fermentation requires, Crumb easily steps in as a convenient and practical way to plan your baking days.

Once your whole routine is in place and ready, you can refer to this information whenever you need it. There’s even a handy note-taking feature you can use to edit each sourdough recipe with fun updates or variations.

The interface is beyond minimal – no ads, no nonsense, just you, the ball and the bench. If you’re baking sourdough specifically for a fresh slice of toast in the morning, Crumb ensures your bread will never be late for the table again. It’s a great cooking diary app, from cover to cover.

To download: Crumb (Free)

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5. Bread Planner

The sourdough bread app Bread Scheduler.
Image Credit: Bread Scheduler

This simple app is your go-to all-in-one sourdough timing app for the entire sourdough baking process, back and forth. For a simple day of baking in a sleek and attractive package, few bread-making apps offer a Martha Stewart experience quite like this.

Bread Scheduler is perfect for baking beginners who just need instructions to follow without complicated calculations or ratio conversions.

Many recipes (including the Bread Scheduler recipe for a foolproof sourdough starter, which includes a formula and feeding schedule) are also available on the website. For full, integrated access to all of this app’s native bread-syncing features, however, downloading the app puts them all at your fingertips.

To download: Bread planner (free)

6. Breadwinner

The Breadwinner sourdough website.

Breadwinner is a web app, but it’s mobile-friendly and too unique not to be included in this list. Not only is the free site an amazing resource for all things sourdough baking, but it’s also a vibrant online community of up-and-coming bakers, no pun intended.

However, this is not the extent of what the site offers.

The coolest innovation you’ll find here: a beta program to test Breadwinner’s starter tracking device prototype. It’s a physical lid that reads your starter’s activity levels by monitoring its CO2 output.

When this material hits the streets, you’ll be able to know exactly when the sourdough culture on it is hungry for a feed or at its peak leavening, all from your smartphone or tablet.

Breadwinner app and device sourdough starter data.
Image Credit: Breadwinner

Social features include logging your starters and sourdough pastries and sharing photos, recipes, and reviews to help others on the platform. You are also free to use what others share; everything on the site is raw, uncensored and completely authentic to the reality of the bakery.

Baking Sourdough Applications: Beginners Rejoice

In sourdough baking, there are so many things that could spoil the show: the bulk fermentation period was too short, the oven was too hot, or the flour wasn’t strong enough to lift the weight of the water. in your dough.

It’s a lot of science, but if you have a winning recipe and follow it to the end, there’s nothing stopping you from baking the best piece of bread you’ve ever eaten in your life.

If you just can’t get your ball rolling, many of the apps above provide shining examples of what to do and what to expect when first baking bread at home.

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