8 Best Baking Dishes and Pans of 2022

✔️ Cut: When our test kitchen develops recipes, our pros typically opt for casseroles between 2.5 and 3 liters, as they’re relatively easy to handle but can comfortably make four to six servings. Smaller and larger sizes are available – the smaller sizes are ideal for side dishes or serving fewer people; larger sizes are ideal for entertaining or meal prep.

✔️ Form: Pans come in all shapes and sizes, but our pros at Test Kitchen say rectangles are the most versatile in terms of what you can cook and how quickly. Generally, a larger surface area results in faster and more even heating.

✔️ Material: Most of the pans we tested were ceramic and coated with some sort of glaze to make them more durable and nonstick. One was cast iron, which is heavy but known to retain heat well, while another was made from a lighter coated carbon steel that heats up quickly and allows for more browning. Finally, one was glass, which is also lightweight and allows you to monitor browning from all sides, but in our tests it didn’t brown enough. When deciding which material is best for you, most people should consider weight and ease of cleaning first. That said, more advanced home chefs can prioritize how well the baking dish browns the food.

✔️ Going from freezer to oven? : Some materials, like borosilicate glass and some coated ceramics, can withstand drastic temperature changes, but most stoneware cannot do this without cracking or shattering. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to use your casserole dish in this way.

✔️ Handles: Most baking dishes have handles, but large oversized handles are the easiest to grip, especially with bulky oven mitts.

✔️ Additional features: Some casseroles come with lids that can help keep food warm (especially when made from the same durable material as the casserole), and this extra feature is particularly handy for storage.