A baking sheet will take your Thanksgiving stuffing to the next level

Although a casserole may seem like the only appropriate container for the stuffing, a baking sheet can simplify the process of preparing this popular Thanksgiving side and save you from breaking a heavy casserole. By a Yahoo! A new trick inspired by a recipe from Julia Turshen’s “Now and Again” cookbook, the method allows you to mix your stuffing ingredients as you normally would. Next, take your baking sheet and spread the mixture into an even layer, covering it with melted butter.

The griddle approach not only gives a faster cooking time, but also makes your entire batch of stuffing as crispy as the top layer of your standard casserole version (you know, as crispy as you always wish the bottom layer of the pan either). Bonnie S. Benwick is also inspired by Turshen’s method in her “Sheet Pan Stuffing with Chestnuts” recipe featured in The Washington Post. In her vegetarian version, she takes celery, pears, chestnuts, dried cranberries, dried challah, and cornbread. For the starchy ingredients, she also incorporates the baking sheet into the mix, laying them out to dry overnight in a recently used oven so they’re ready to soak up all the flavors of the recipe while they roast on Thanksgiving Day.