A Slice of Victory: Wrigley’s Annual Baking Competition Returns for Third Year

Wrigley residents are invited to flex their baking skills for the neighborhood’s third annual baking competition next week.

“I mean, it’s obviously a massive event of international proportions,” said competition organizer Bill White. “No, it’s actually just a little neighborhood gathering, some neighbors trying to increase our connectivity with each other, our happiness, and, you know, our taste buds.”

The baking contest began pre-pandemic in White’s backyard, starting with a small gathering of neighbors. It has become so popular that White is now hosting the event in his front yard.

“I was thinking, ‘Hey, what would my neighborhood be like? What would bring people together? said White, noting that he’s had enough of organizations that leverage their buildings or funds to get people’s attention. He gathered a few neighbors – “very good cooks” – and put his plan into action.

At the latest event, White brought together some 80 neighbors and more than 15 pies, he said.

“This year we’re hoping to top 100,” White said of the number of attendees, not the pies.

Residents can contribute multiple pies, but can only grab one to receive votes.

Competition has been fierce in recent years. White said Banana Custard Pie swept the floor one year, coming away with three awards. Another year, an apple pie baked by a first- and third-grade student with the help of an older neighbor won first prize—kindness, of course, is a factor in judging.

White has yet to decide on the competition categories, noting that he will “invent” them closer to the event.

To be a judge, “just show up,” White said. Judges will receive spoons and tokens that can be used to vote.

To enter a pie, email Justin Simon at [email protected]

The contest will take place on Wednesday, July 20 at 7 p.m. at 2490 Maine Ave.