Bakery company helps people stranded on I-95 in Virginia

(NewsNation Now) – A baking company has come to the rescue of dozens of hungry motorists who were stranded on I-95 in Virginia during a snowstorm that blocked traffic for hours.

Casey Holihan and John Noe were hungry and on their way from Maryland to North Carolina when the roads became impassable.

Holihan had a stroke of genius when she saw a bakery truck and decided to call the company for help.

In less than 20 minutes, their prayers were answered when one of the owners of Schmidt Baking Company called the couple back and told them to hand the phone to the driver.

“We kind of called them on a whim,” Holihan said. “But the customer service woman was so helpful.”

The driver opened the cargo and began, with the help of others, to distribute bread to more than 50 cars of stranded motorists.

“We just started grabbing loaves of bread and carrying them to every car we could see and handing them out,” Holihan said. “People kept coming to us asking for food for their children and animals. And it really warmed my heart to pass it on to them.

Holihan said that before that they had been without food for 37 hours. She said a truck driver gave them water, but by the time they saw the bakery truck, they were very hungry.

“We certainly appreciate [Schmidt Baking Company] give a hand. Like Casey said, we didn’t expect to hear from them,” Noe said.

The couple said they finally arrived safely in North Carolina.

A spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of Transportation said late Tuesday that there were no more stranded motorists on the now-closed portion of Interstate 95. All disabled vehicles have also been removed from the freeway.

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