Baking bad: Greggs sausage rolls break £1 barrier for the first time

Greggs prices have gone up.

And in a shock move, their famous sausage rolls broke the £1 barrier.

The Cheltenham branch of the popular bakery is now selling the sausage roll for £1.05. That’s if you only buy one.

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If you have three friends or are very hungry, a four-pack is priced at three: £3.15.

This works out to 78p (and three quarters of a penny) per roll.

But changing what you buy won’t help. The chain has hiked prices between 5p and 10p across its range to cover rising ingredient, labor and utility costs.

A company spokesperson said it was a decision the company didn’t really want to make: “It was really a last resort. Ingredients and labor costs have increased and Greggs is not immune to this.

“The company is absorbing some of the cost, but has raised prices by around 5-10 pence across the range.”

The spokesperson said Greggs last raised prices in December 2020, by a similar amount, but stressed it was still “good value”.

Although the rise in the cost of a single roll of sausage from 85p to 90p five years ago caused enough outrage from customers to make the media, shoppers in Cheltenham seemed rather optimistic.

Pete Goose, 48, said: “Maybe it will help my New Years diet, I don’t know. It’s a bit of a shame as £1 was a nice round number, but compared to the increase of many other things, it doesn’t seem so bad.