Baking Bank Holiday: UK basks in 22C over Easter weekend

14 April 2022, 10:27

Britons are set for an Easter holiday weekend with highs of 22C expected tomorrow in London and the south of the country.

Photo: Aliyah

Britons are set for an Easter holiday weekend with highs of 22C expected tomorrow in London and the south of the country.

Temperatures are set to climb to their highest so far this year, pushing the mercury to 17C on the South Coast and 22C in London tomorrow at the start of the four-day weekend.

Warm temperatures are expected to peak on Good Friday, with dry weather for most of the long weekend before dropping only slightly until Easter Monday.

It is expected to be the hottest weather so far this year, beating the previous record of 20.8C recorded at St James’s Park in London on March 23.

The weather will see the UK get hotter than Mallorca where temperatures are set at 20C and overtake Ibiza, Malta and Crete which all expect to see 18C heat.

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The Met Office’s official long-range weather forecast reads: “On Monday the outbreaks of rain move east, followed by brighter conditions and showers.

“Parts of the south and southeast are expected to remain mostly dry with the heaviest rains over the northwest and west. Strong winds are likely in the north.

“Cooler than the weekend, with temperatures generally near average. Overall, Tuesday and Wednesday will continue to be cooler and more unsettled than the weekend, still plenty of dry weather with sunny spells, but also a few showers.

“Longer periods of rain are possible at times, particularly in the north and west, then perhaps more widely by next weekend. Winds are expected to remain light at first with a risk of windy much later, especially in the west.

“Temperatures should be near average. Towards the end of April and the beginning of May, they should become more stable with an increase in pressure.

“With fair and dry weather likely throughout, although there will be occasional brief periods of instability. Temperatures are most likely above normal.”

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Neil Armstrong, chief meteorologist, said: “Most people will see spells of decent bank holiday weather this weekend, and it will be hot in places, especially during the first half of the Easter holiday.

“However, a low pressure system will affect the North West of the UK later on Sunday bringing choppy weather to the north with strong winds and rain in the North West which could impact conditions. driving for some, but further south it will be drier, especially in the southeast.

“There will be varying amounts of cloud, but temperatures will be well above average for the time of year, although low cloud may keep temperatures lower in coastal areas.

“However, where the sun rises, people can expect very pleasant spring conditions.”