Baking soda: Ms Hinch fans share a tip for cleaning the washing machine – ‘so effective’

Ms Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, became famous on Instagram several years ago when she started sharing quick and easy cleaning tips. Fans of the cleaning sensation often share their own finds on dedicated social media pages, including how to get rid of bad washing machine smells.

While posting on Ms. Hinch’s cleaning tips, a cleaning enthusiast shared her best method for cleaning the washing machine drawer as well as removing odors.

Michele Prentice wrote: “I recently joined this group and I find it very useful so I want to share my tip which I think is great.

“I mix baking soda and white vinegar into a paste and put it in the drawer of my washing machine. I also find this solution good for whitening shirts.

“Also, if there is a stain on a garment, rub it a little with the baking soda paste and wash it.”

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Often used in baking, the powder helps dissolve compounds like dirt and grease.

Plus, it’s often very cheap to pick up.

White vinegar has deodorizing properties, which makes it ideal for removing musty smells from the washing machine.

The cleaning fan added, “When washing I put the baking soda mixture on first then the powder, I find it so effective.”

Asking for advice on the same social media page, a woman asked for advice on cleaning the washing machine drum.

Ellen Lozzy wrote: “Does anyone have a way to clean the washing machine drum and drawer?”

Julie Gay commented: “A cup of bicarb in the drum and put it on a hot wash with nothing in it, should work fine.

“I also add scented sanitizer to the drum, just a small amount to make sure it smells good.

“Also, leave the washing machine door open when you’re done, it will help dry it out.”

Sarah Williams said: “I use washing soda in the drum with my laundry, it will really help remove odors and bacteria.”

Soda crystals have great softening properties, which makes them perfect for use in the washing machine.

Like baking soda, soda crystals are extremely versatile and can also help dissolve grease and dirt.