Baking your makeup is key to sweat-resistant skin this summer

We have drag culture to thank for many trends, especially in the beauty industry. Drag makeup is a powerful makeup that allows you to transform your entire face shape and make it stay all night long. Cooking is an integral part of their facial transformations. One technique that will really up your makeup game this summer is baking your makeup. Let’s find out more.

All About Baking Your Makeup This Summer

Baking is a technique that involves applying a thick layer of translucent powder to your skin for 5-10 minutes, allowing your body heat to set or “bake” your foundation and concealer underneath, leaving you thus the crease-free, flawless summer makeup of your dreams.

Because this technique seems to require an excessive amount of powder on your face, you may be hesitant to do it yourself, but don’t worry! Even a beginner can prepare their makeup and make it look professional with the right tips. We’ll break it down into a few easy steps below. But first, let’s go over some baking basics you should know.

Is baking your makeup necessary?

Think of baking your makeup as the equivalent of setting your makeup a million times. If you only apply a little concealer here and there and generally avoid full-coverage makeup, baking isn’t for you. However, for those who wear all-over makeup and want their foundation to be transfer-proof, blemish-proof, crease-proof, and sweat-proof all day long, baking is a must.

How to get the perfect base while baking?

Let’s go through each step! Here’s how to get skin that looks like an Instagram filter:

Step 1: Under eye cream

Apply moisturizer to the eyes before you start applying makeup. Having a smooth, hydrated eye area is always crucial to fill it out and reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, but it’s especially important for those with dry skin.

Step 2: Layer your concealer

After applying your foundation, apply a thick layer of liquid concealer under your eyes, you will need it, trust the process! Then, using a damp makeup sponge, blend, blend and blend!

Step 3: More concealer (optional)

You might be thinking at this point that it’s a lot of makeup, and yes. So you can skip this step and get great results, but for lasting power, a second clear coat can seal the first. Don’t forget to blend it out and smooth it out. Before using the powder, make sure there are no creases.

Stage 4: Translucent Power

Image: Courtesy of Unsplash

Using a fluffy powder brush, lightly dust the translucent powder over the concealer you just applied. This will set your makeup and prepare it for the next step, which is baking.

Step 5: Bake your makeup

Now is the time to cook. Wet a wedge-shaped makeup sponge or beauty blender with setting spray, then dip it in the translucent powder. Apply the product generously to the area where you just applied your concealer. If you look like you’ve rolled your face in pastry flour, you’re doing it perfectly. Wait 5-10 minutes for the powder to absorb excess oil and “bake” the makeup underneath. After that, dust everything with it. a fluffy powder brush.

Hero image: Courtesy of Getty Images; Featured image: Courtesy of Instagram/@kimkardashian