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Best Breakfast Cookies Recipe – How To Make Breakfast Cookies

The most popular Pioneer Woman cookies of all time cover a lot of territory, so consider breakfast the new frontier: make delicious and fun snacks with freshly baked, oatmeal-wrapped breakfast cookies! After all, everyone needs a quick breakfast idea once in a while and these make-ahead granola cookies are the perfect breakfast on the go.

What are the ingredients for breakfast cookies?

Starting with the base of an oatmeal cookie, the breakfast cookies feature delicious toppings like dried cherries, pumpkin seeds, puffed rice and chocolate chips folded into the batter to add flavor. texture and flavor. Dark brown sugar adds moisture to balance the seeds and puffed rice for a delicious, balanced bite.

What else can be used as mix-ins?

Check what you have stored in the pantry! Use staples like raisins, coconut, nuts, dark chocolate or peanut butter chips to recreate your favorite breakfast in a cookie. Keep in mind that oats are an important part of balancing moisture and maintaining a chewy cookie texture.

Can I bake cookie dough without freezing it first?

Absolutely! Freezing overnight is just a simple trick to having fresh and easy cookies in the morning. The dough can be scooped up and baked straight from the bowl on parchment-lined cookie sheets. Press the dough to 1/2 inch thickness and bake for about 15 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown.