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Best Panettone Cookies Recipe – How To Make Panettone Cookies


To think that a soft, enriched bread can somehow translate into a buttery cookie might seem absurd. But don’t stop reading! These cookies are a simpler approach to the sought-after Christmas bread. You will really enjoy this cookie as the flavors and textures of traditional panettone come through, as the cookie is just a base for orange zest, currants, dried apricots, chocolate and almonds. The orange extract gives the cookie a very subtle lift to accentuate the orange zest and currants, which are popular additions to sweet bread.

What is panettone?
Italian bread has its origins in northern Italy, specifically in Milan. Everyone there knows dessert well; there is also a feast that takes place in honor of the bread. Some people will call it a cake because of its sweetness. The recipe has evolved over the years to include the addition of more butter, because what better than that, which can make bread baking trickier. People will store the bread for a few weeks, slice a slice, toast, and dab with more, you guessed it, butter.

Why would you use OO flour instead of all-purpose flour?
You can totally use all-purpose flour for OO flour; however, OO flour has a finer texture and will produce a softer product. For those buttery cookies, and because the panettone bread is so tender, if you have any, it would be great to use it in this recipe.

How to find candied orange peel?
You can order candied orange peel online if your grocery store doesn’t have it. If you don’t want to order it online, we have a recipe here; if not, you can add chopped fresh orange zest. If you really like citrus zest, you can chop up the larger pieces.

Can these cookies be made in advance?
This is a festive holiday cookie, but it can be made any time of the year. The dough keeps very well in the fridge or freezer once rolled into a log. If you want to make it a month ahead, you can freeze the dough. When you’re ready to bake the cookies, let them thaw in the fridge so you get those perfectly molded rounds when slicing.

What are some other good holiday cookies?
I love nostalgic vacation smells, especially when the air outside is crisp, the house is warm, and the oven is baking Italian style cookies. Here are some great ones you can add to your cookie jar gifts for the holidays:

– For anyone who loves marzipan, raspberry jam, Italian rainbow cookies are awesome and delicious.
– Snowball cookies, or Italian or Mexican wedding cookies (so many name derivatives), are cute and easy.
– Ricotta is a classic, so ricotta cookies are a must.
– Pignoli cookies may burn a hole in your pocket but are totally worth it.

Did you make these? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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