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Best Rainbow Cookies Recipe – How To Make Rainbow Cookies

The list of bakery cookies you thought you’d never recreate at home just got a little shorter with these rainbow cookies. Here’s the plan for those not already in love with this Italian-American classic: a tricolor cakey cookie filled with almond flavor, sandwiched with jam, then covered in a thin layer of chocolate. This recipe streamlines with a dough and flip and peel technique that makes it easy to stack the layers and remove the parchment underneath. It also keeps the ingredients affordable, with almond extract instead of marzipan and chocolate chips instead of a fancy bar. Make these for your next Christmas cookie swap (and if it’s a contest, you’ll win).

How to cut rainbow cookies?

Chilling the uncut sheet of rainbow cookies will help firm up the layers so there are fewer crumbs when you slice. Here’s a genius trick to prevent the firm chocolate layer from cracking: before each cut, dip your kitchen knife in very hot water, wipe it dry with a dish towel, then place the sharp edge on the chocolate for a few seconds and cut right through. This will soften the chocolate just enough for a clean slice.

How do you get thin layers for rainbow cookies?

A 9 x 13 inch pan is just the right size for a thin layer of cake – a larger pan may bake the cake unevenly and a smaller one will make the layers too thick). If you only have one 9 x 13 pan, bake one layer at a time. After removing the cake layer with its parchment paper, run the pan under cold water to cool it before adding new parchment paper and the next batter.