Boris Johnson’s ‘Great British Baking Show’ was incredibly unpleasant

The cooking tent was meant to be our safe space. What’s going on?

The great British pastry fair has finally returned to Netflix. After its premiere on Britain’s Channel 4 earlier this week, the competitive yet delicious baking game crossed the pond to us today, introducing a dozen new baker players. Fans are already picking their favorites—Syabira, you’re my girl!—but the GBBS the hive also found a black sheep in the lovely group.

Dawn, a 60-year-old IT manager, won the least favorite contestant cake in just her first week on the program. Sorry, Dawn! It’s not you, it’s your career. People are furious that the contestant had a rather lax attitude about her former job at former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After announcing his title – a former project manager for Johnson – host Matt Lucas visited Dawn’s bakery to say a bit more about the ex-Prime Minister. The host pushed Dawn to further explain her title, though she admitted she doesn’t work “directly” for Johnson. (She was able to meet him, however.)

“His hair was a bit like yours, wasn’t it?” Lucas teases Dawn, who accepts the joke. “And his face was kind of like mine.”

“We’re like a hybrid,” Dawn quips.

“Put us together and you have Boris Johnson,” Lucas says.

The baking series has satirized Boris Johnson in the past, featuring Matt Lucas as an awkward fake Prime Minister with a series of bizarre baking restrictions. It’s strange to see them now embracing Johnson’s staff members with such warmth, welcoming them into the tent and expecting us to cherish them. Viewers aren’t so sure.

“I try not to judge the baking candidates too quickly but it has come to light that one of the candidates (Dawn) is a former campaign manager for Boris Johnson,” one viewer shared on Twitter, “so j I already hope everything she cooks fails until she leaves.

Harsh words for a comforting series! Why is everyone losing Boris Johnson? For people in the United States who may not know, Johnson was the former Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who served from 2019 to 2022. Although Johnson faced a lot of controversy during his political career, more recently and in particular, he was surprised at parties. who broke his COVID lockdown rules. Just months ago, tons of UK government officials resigned in protest at Johnson’s decision to hire someone accused of sexual harassment, prompting Johnson’s resignation.

Basically: there are plenty of reasons why Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair viewers, especially those in the UK, should be furious at the decision to include one of his collaborators.

But Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair fans are going to have to get used to Dawn, who seems to be sticking around for a while after her grand entrance in the first episode. Although she wasn’t crowned Star Baker, Dawn was one of the top graduates, thanks to her near-perfect red velvet cake in the technical challenge and her signature apricot sponge cake.

Nevertheless, a handful of delicious bakers have already won the goodwill of GBBS Fans. Is it hot here? Sandro, gym brother and nanny, turned up the heat in the cooking tent. We all want pink-haired Carole to adopt us as her grandchildren. And the sweet Syabira is just the icing on the cake!

Let’s see if they have a chance of beating Janusz – who’s so good at baking he could probably take our old friend Jürgen felled in a fight.