Chef duo set record after cooking world’s largest chicken nugget weighing over 20kg

Celebrity Chef Nick DiGiovanni (from the USA) and Lynn Davis (Japan) have once again created an oversized food worthy of a world record. This time, the duo cooked the biggest chicken nugget in the world. The chicken nugget weighs 20.960 kg (46 lb 3.34 oz), about 115 times larger than your average chicken nugget, Guinness World Records reported.

On Saturday, Nick posted a YouTube video of himself with Lynn cooking a big 20.960kg chicken nugget. The chicken “mud” for the main component of the nugget consisted of 40 slices of white bread, half a gallon of whole milk, 40 pounds of ground chicken, and about 40 eggs. “Between those 48 eggs and our 40 pounds of chicken, we’re going to use almost 60 whole chickens,” Nick explained. Other items added to the nugget were ¾ cup onion powder, ¾ cup garlic powder, 1 cup salt, and ½ cup black pepper. All the components were mixed and once the mixture was prepared, the next step was to cook it evenly.

Nick revealed that since the chicken nugget was large, they had to build a special contraption to cook it. The chefs, before putting the nugget in the craft, coated it with beaten eggs and breadcrumbs using brushes. Finally, the mixture was cooked. Halfway through cooking, they removed the half-cooked chicken nugget to add another layer of breadcrumbs before it was cooked again. The meat was placed in the contraption until it exceeded a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure it was safe to eat.

When the chicken nugget was cooked, it was weighed and inspected by Guinness World Records arbiter Claire Stephens, who announced it as the largest chicken nugget in the world. Apparently, after the successful attempt, the nugget was cut up and distributed to friends, family and the film crew for consumption.

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