Chocolatier Herve Boutin teaches baking at Wagga TAFE, offers work-study training | The Daily Advertiser

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Hervé Boutin has spent decades teaching up-and-coming bakers across the country, and now he brings his skills to Wagga through a range of TAFE courses and on-the-job training. The master chocolatier – who prefers to drop the “master” from his title because “there is always continuous improvement to be made” – hails from France but is now based in Wollongong and travels the country sharing his love of baking. “We’ve made great progress, especially in the Riverina-Murray area and the south coast, because there’s an audience in remote areas, country towns where you have a bakery but the colleges are too far from the bakery,” Boutin said. “So my job is to go out there, visit apprentices, help them with their course…and we have sessions here on campus to do specific work.” At the TAFE campus in Wagga, Mr. Boutin currently offers three courses, in addition to his sandwich course: a bread course, a combined bread and pastry course and a specific cake and pastry course. “[The course is] quite effective and provides opportunities for young people living in small rural towns to acquire qualifications; something we take for granted,” he said. In addition to the practical side of baking, Mr. Boutin hopes to develop a love of the craft among his students. “If you don’t have the passion in you, how can you expect a youngster to be inspired?” he said. “It’s something you have to convey to people, it’s not not a book, it’s not written anywhere, it’s me for you.” in France, in 1976, when he was just a boy. He began an internship in the bakery of a friend of the family and immediately fell in love with them. “I was immediately captivated by what was happening in the bakery; the feel, the smell of baked goods and the love of doing things like that,” Boutin said. He persevered and gained his professional qualifications in France, working for a decade in various bakeries and hotels before coming to Australia. to learn how to make your own hot cross buns and chocolate Easter bunnies like the pros do, with instructions from Hervé Boutin. To make Mr Boutin’s traditional hot cross buns, you will need: the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: