Claire Saffitz’s Baking Essentials Include This Handy $7 Amazon Tool

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In Claire Saffitz’s new book, What’s for dessertthe professional baker turns again to her favorite dish of the day (her first book, dessert person is essential reading) and gives recipes for everything from Banoffee Pudding to S’mores Pie. So it only makes sense that when it comes to holiday gifts, if you’re a friend of Saffitz, you get a sweet treat.

“What’s for dessert?” Copyright © 2022 by Claire Saffitz. Photographs copyright © 2022 by Jenny Huang. Published by Clarkson Potter, an imprint of Random House.

“Last year I made some homemade baking mixes that were a huge hit,” she says. “I used the brownie recipe from dessert person and I wrapped the dry ingredients, chocolate and sugars individually, packed them in a big jar and printed out my own cooking instructions.

When it comes to packaging, Saffitz looks no further than her kitchen — jars are obvious winners, but she also loves butcher paper as a chic alternative to wrapping paper. Again, her cooking space is full of great ideas for holiday baking and beyond. Here are his favorite finds.

The product I use the most when testing recipes

Offset spatula with wooden handle on white background.

My mini offset spatula is without a doubt my most indispensable tool. No matter what I do, it’s always in my hand.

Best mixing bowls

Six stainless steel bowls grouped together on a white background.

I love these stainless steel mixing bowls from Winco. They nest, which is important for storage, and they are shallow, which makes folding mixes easier. I prefer stainless steel mixing bowls over glass or plastic bowls because they are more versatile, lighter, and easier to clean.

Whip that still works

Stainless steel whisk on a white background.

I make a lot of whips, and have had some cheaper ones, so I like to invest in high quality, slightly more expensive professional whips. JB Price’s are the best.

Stand mixer I can’t live without

Baby Blue Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer on a white background.

KitchenAid, of course! I use the Artisan 5 Quart Tilt-Head Blender in White, which is perfect for home use. My mother inherited my grandmother’s KitchenAid stand mixer from 1963, which still works.

Disposable item that is worth it

Oxo Good Grips Cherry & Olive Pitter on a white background.

I’m a baker, so a cherry pitter is quite necessary, even if it only does one thing.

Griddle that never sticks or warps

Aluminum non-stick baking tray on a white background.

Chicago Metallic makes such good quality cookware that won’t warp. Their aluminum half-plate is sturdy and durable.

The only scales I rely on

Navy Escali Primo food scale on a white background.
Oxo black food scale on white background.

I’ve used many different kitchen scales in the past, and I prefer Escali or Oxo. Both are simple and functional and good quality for the price.

My favorite cake pans

Fat Daddio anodized aluminum round cake pan on a white background.

I’m a fan of all of Fat Daddio’s cake pans, which are sturdy, made from anodized aluminum, and have high sides. They will last forever and always yield evenly baked, well-risen cakes. Usually you can find them at professional bakery stores.

Better cookie storage

White polythene food storage box on a gray background.
Snickerdoodle cookies inside a green Stasher mega bag on a white background.

Fish boxes are randomly the best cookie storage containers, but they’re mostly professional catering items (like in the case where you order fish from a wholesaler, it’s packaged in a fish box). Other than these, I love Stasher’s large reusable silicone bags.