Cooking resumes after fire in acid drums at Pepperidge Farm | Connecticut News

BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (AP) – Pepperidge Farm said it resumed cooking at a Connecticut facility after a fire there Wednesday consumed several drums of an acidic solution.

The fire, which started around 4:30 a.m., was contained to a tent used to store plastic drums containing a sulfuric acid solution used for wastewater treatment at the 6 1/ 2 acres in Bloomfield, company officials said. .

Due to the potential for a chemical reaction, firefighters let the fire burn itself out rather than using water to extinguish the fire.

The fire did not reach the main building and no one was injured, firefighters said.

“Any spillage of the solution has been contained in the site’s catch basin and is being repaired by an environmental services company,” said James Regan, spokesman for Campbell Soup, owner of Pepperidge Farm.

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The bakery, which produces bread, rolls, stuffing and other products, was closed for a short time while state and federal environmental officials investigated “to ensure safety workers,” Regan said.

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