Creating Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Perfect cooking can definitely put a smile on your face and satisfy your taste buds. Baking is quite an interesting process and the end result is always sweet. However, people get too involved in the steps and the process that they don’t benefit from.

You don’t always have to follow everything to the T to get the perfect doneness. Chef Ashita Baijal, founder of ME:ETTE Atelier and Patisser, debunks some famous baking myths and tells us the real facts about baking.

Here are some surprising baking myths you shouldn’t believe

1. Salt is an absolute no-no

Salt in your dessert? It seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, baking isn’t just about putting sugar in to make your sweet treat. Salt is an integral part of cooking and it’s a myth that you don’t need salt while cooking. You don’t need a tablespoon of salt, it will definitely spoil the taste. But a pinch of salt is an amazing addition to your recipe as it helps bring out the great flavor and aroma in your baking. It also helps balance the sweetness and gives you the perfect taste.

2. Measure your way

Most dessert recipes come with precise measurements and you end up focusing too much on measuring spoons and cups. Well, you don’t need perfect measurements all the time to get the perfect taste and doneness. Add ingredients as needed and go with the flow. A basic idea and a bit of practice go a long way when it comes to baking. Being approximate and not precise is not a bad cooking trait.

3. No expiration for baking soda and baking powder

Two very important baking ingredients are baking soda and baking powder. One adds fluffiness while the other helps bind the dough together perfectly. However, most people only buy them once and keep them forever. But these two products also have an expiration date. So before you start mixing them into your batter, be sure to check their expiration date.

4. Wet and dry ingredients are the perfect mix

The truth is, you don’t need to mix wet ingredients like eggs, milk, and butter and dry ingredients like flour, sugar, baking soda, and baking powder. In fact, mixing them separately gives you a better lump-free batter. You also get a smooth consistency that makes the final dough ready to bake.

5. Can’t stop whipping whipped cream

It requires constant whipping, but giving it a break won’t hurt the consistency. It’s a popular belief to get the fluffiest whipped cream you ever have to whip it non-stop. But over-whipping can raise the temperature and end up forming lumps as well. So be a little careful when whipping the cream.

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