Cookie flavors

Crumbl Cookies Founders Reveal How They Create All Their Cookie Flavors

If you think coming up with delicious cookie flavors is as fun a job as it sounds, well, you’re right. According to the founders of Crumbl Cookies, the creative process begins with a group of very lucky people sitting down, eating sweet treats and brainstorming envy-inducing ideas. McGowan told Mashed, “They do such a great job, the R&D team and everyone, just to really come up with these unique flavor profiles that are just awesome.” And inspiration can come from anywhere. “Cupcakes, cakes, hard candy, candies, you name it, we’ll try to make a cookie out of it,” Hemsley said, adding, “We sometimes bring ice cream…Christmas treats, muffins, breads. And then we use them and try to mimic the exact profile in the form of a cookie. And so that’s just awesome.

After finding new cookie flavors to try, it’s time for the best part: the tastings. McGowan told Mashed, “the R&D team that’s going to bake and bring cookies and bring them to Sawyer [Hemsley]which helps decide which recipes are worth going for. McGowan said they “always think about those things like nostalgia” and “how you feel when you eat those cookies.” Hemsley said echoes that, saying, “We really try to find those flavors or profiles that are nostalgic for the people they grew up with.”