Duff Goldman talks about spreading the fun of cooking

I always love to see posts about your daughter on Instagram and social media. What does she like to eat these days?

She got into carrots, snow peas and hummus. When she picks up a carrot, she says, “Dip it, dip it.” You have to put the hummus in front of her, and she will dip it in the hummus. But then she started dipping her strawberries in hummus, and it was weird. She loves fruit, so she’s going to try dipping her fruit in it.

Are there any child-friendly snacks that you prepare at home?

She loves Bamba, those little peanut butter puffs and all the usual suspects – Cheerios, pretzels, Goldfish. She likes goldfish. i have this big [Ford] F150, and I was pulling Cheerios out of the back seat, and I was like, “I’m daddy.” Once your car is full of dry cereal, that’s it.

But we love it, man. It’s amazing to watch her learn things. The other day she was playing grocery shopping and then making soup. She goes to the pantry and takes out the anchovies and the sardines and the tomato puree and the soup. This is so cute.

Does she already enjoy helping you cook and bake?

Yeah. When she was three days old her mom was sleeping and oddly enough I was making chili so I put her in her car seat and put the car seat on the counter and she hung out with me doing some Chile. Now everyone in my family – my wife, my in-laws, my parents, my brother, everyone – knows when I’m cooking, stay out of the kitchen because I’m going to rip your head off. But it’s funny because my daughter trots around and drags the spoons and the bowls and everything. She’s in the kitchen right under my feet, and I’m still smiling. My wife is like, “I can tell you like it, because you don’t let anyone in the kitchen when you’re in there.”

You spoke with Mashed last year and mentioned that you were very excited to host your daughter’s first tea party. Earlier this year, you managed to make that happen for an episode of “Duff: Ace of Taste.” How was the afternoon tea and what were the highlights of the menu?

It was so good. We decorated this tree where we live in Topanga. We had all these banners and everything hanging. We had tea. I made these little fudge bites. They were in little tiny tart shells, and I put fudge in them. Then we made petit fours and mini quiches. It was really cute. She was totally into it.

It was great fun. Jet and Ali Tila came too, and they hung around. They brought their daughter Amaya with them. It was really fun.