Elmo Baking Co.: Port Moody’s New Bakery Officially Opened

Flaky, buttery and endlessly versatile: the croissant is one of our favorite pastries, and for good reason.

A Metro Vancouver bakery understands this obsession and has opened a brick-and-mortar space dedicated to the perfect French treat.

Elmo Baking Co., which just opened in Port Moody this weekend, focuses on creative croissant creations and artisan cream puffs.

Located at 3133 Murray Street, Elmo Baking Co. previously sold its treats at a pop-up in Richmond, making a name for itself with its double-baked croissants in Asian-inspired flavors.

“Our pastries, cakes, desserts and confections break free from the ordinary routine with their bold flavors and unique twist on the traditional,” explains the company’s website.

When it comes to Elmo’s croissants, expect offerings like black sesame, ube, and pistachio sour cherry, as well as seasonal specials.

The bakery also offers cream puffs in varieties like black forest, matcha, and bingsu, along with other pastries like pain au chocolat, cakes, and macaroons.

Elmo Baking Co.’s new space has no seating and is take-out only, but is conveniently located just across from Rocky Point Park.

The bakery is currently open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or until full.

Elmo Baking Co.

Address: 3133 Murray Street, Port Moody
Call: 866-528-9912