Enrique Puerto creates bold branding for baking powder company Loosey-Goosey

For Mexico City-based designer Enrique Puerto, much of the creative process, especially in his field of graphic design, is based on emotion. Whatever the project or its eventual visual execution, Enrique’s independent practice begins by probing – or in some cases trying to evoke – an emotional reaction in a potential viewer. Often this is brought to life by characterizing certain elements of his design work, adding a playful personality via typography or symbolic illustrations that live in his design systems. A perfect example of this in play is his work for the baking powder company Loosey-Goosey.

Enrique developed his approach to design through a series of fortunate events, or “synchronicities of the universe”, as he puts it. His first journey into design and art direction began at Futura, a creative direction studio based in Mexico City, which he describes as his “biggest influence” as well as “the best school I could have had”. The designer has embarked on projects for brands of different sizes while always looking for creative challenges. “Every day was a learning, learning, learning,” he recalls. “How to take challenges and land them visually into something new – new to me as much as to the studio and the client.” Post-Futura, Enrique then took the plunge to intern at Snask, a Stockholm-based creative studio. Going to Europe “without ever having traveled, without knowing where I was going to live, without knowing enough English to communicate”, he says, the design work provided a new way to connect with others. “It didn’t matter to me, I wanted to learn from the best.”

Working in these studios generated a noticeable enthusiasm for art direction and design, which now translates into Enrique’s freelance practice. Working with a variety of commercial and cultural clients, designer practice is largely about injecting brand projects with a level of experimentation – such as using 3D design to envision the transformative effect that a product like baking powder can have, as it did for Loosey-Goosey.