From baking to bikini competitions – Meet Miss Liverpool 2022 who is on a mission for the Miss GB crown

26-year-old entrepreneur Jess from Childwall is the current Miss Liverpool GB and hopes to win the Miss Great Britain crown in October.

Jess has a Marketing degree from the University of Chester, is a fully qualified Padi open water diver and co-director of her own company, Oh My Cheesecake, creators of the UK concept First Cheesecake On A Stick. After working long hours in the hospitality industry just before the covid hit, Jess decided to use her time during the covid lockdowns to grow her business with her partner in a small storage room at home. When the time came to return to full-time work, she decided to take the plunge and strike out on her own with the containment business.

She says:

“Like many people, I was so fed up with my daily routine, working long hours and having no social life or much control over my work-life balance. work harder to prove myself to my managers. When I had the opportunity to work for me and try my luck, I said to myself: “What could happen worse? So, I ‘I tried and here I am’.

Jess opened her first Oh My Cheesecake shop in Lancashire in October 2021 and now employs five people. “We have a huge following in Liverpool because it’s my home! We have customers who travel from Liverpool to Lancashire just for our products. We are looking to open our next store in Liverpool, but we are still looking for the right premises.

The Miss Great Britain final will take place in Leicester from October 19-21 and will include a two-minute interview during which the finalists can talk to the jury about how they would like to use the Miss Great Britain title. The final also includes the following rounds: Talent, Beach Body, Charity, Publicity and Public Vote.

Jess wants to inspire other young women to work for themselves and take control of their careers. “We don’t talk enough about self-employment with young people. Some of the most successful women in the world are entrepreneurs, and I wish I could inspire young people to start their own businesses.

Jesse said: “I’m so thrilled to have been chosen as a finalist for Miss Great Britain this year and have already enjoyed the social aspect of the competition. The contestants have regular chats on Facebook and WhatsApp full of positivity! Miss Great Britain Bretagne is Britain’s longest running competition held annually in Britain since 1945, it’s an honor to be part of it!

Follow Jess’ journey on @jesspagelennon. The Miss, Ms and Ms GB Classic pageant will take place on October 21. Enter now