Gilbert teen starts baking business after recovering from disorder

Allison Mannon is currently taking orders and said sales of her homemade treats will go to college.

GILBERT, Ariz. — When Allison Mannon started her freshman year at Williams Field High School in Gilbert, she was looking forward to a new chapter and a lot more tennis.

But her enthusiasm stopped when the pandemic hit, the 16-year-old told 12News. And Mannon found herself isolated like many people and focused on fitness.

Since she prioritized pushing herself physically, she didn’t eat much at all.

Mannon said it was long after the COVID-19 lockdown that she developed an eating disorder.

“In my eyes, that’s who I was, I was my eating disorder,” she explained. “It became an addiction, an addiction to weight loss and exercise and early compliments, before people knew what a problem it was.”

This addiction put her in the hospital for three months.

Mannon, however, found a fresh start, vowing to recover thanks in part to the love and support of those around him, like his tennis coach Jayson Elliott.

“I already know how much she has on her plate, she’s a challenge for class valedictorian, she’s a competitive tennis player at the state level, she’s got all those things,” Elliott added.

Elliott, coach and confidant but also consumer of cakes, decided to share Mannon’s pastry skills on the Facebook page “Go Gilbert”.

“Within 24 hours there were over 900 likes, I posted his Instagram page there as well,” Elliott said. “Now she has tons of requests for her bakery.”

On her page, you can find photos of masterpieces that Mannon is proud to share.

She is currently taking orders and said sales of her homemade treats will go to college, where she plans to become a neurosurgeon.

See her cakes here:

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