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ROCKFORD, Mich., January 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Monarch Bakery Set to Open saturday january 8at 10amand promises to be a new culinary gem in Rockford’s eclectic downtown. The showcase is the culmination of the delicious dreams of an artistic young pastry chef named Abbie Stratton and her business-minded husband Ben. The couple took over Kimberly’s former shop late last summer and have begun to transform it into a mecca where traditional baking and vegan treats collide. A hit at local farmers markets for the past three years, Monarch has made a name for everything from its French macarons to vegan chocolate croissants. For corporate events, weddings and family functions, the team is able to ensure that people with dietary restrictions have equally delicious options.

Stratton first became aware of the scarcity of vegan and gluten-free baking options through a college friend.

“Helping her, I learned how difficult it is for people who are vegan or allergic to eggs or dairy to get baked goods, especially ones that taste so good you can’t make the difference,” Stratton said.

Despite construction challenges during the COVID pandemic and associated material and labor shortages, the Monarch team is preparing to take off in the new year. It’s just in time to head into winter with a range of traditional comforting treats, from scones to hot apple pie or hot chocolate bombs. People with dietary restrictions can also celebrate 2022 with access to delicious options.

When asked about her secret to her similar-tasting treats, Stratton said:

“It’s the quality of the product you use. When I make vegan items, I buy the best ingredients and put research into what I do.”

Likewise, she says patience is the key to making the perfect French macaron.

“You can’t rush the process. You must let the shells rest; you have to let each step take its time, even if you hate waiting!

Stratton’s attention to detail is evident in her confections that look (and taste) like something out of a fairy tale. She decided to study bakery and pastry to put her artistic background to good use. The attention to detail has won the hearts of many brides and corporate planners who want the details of dessert tables to reflect good taste.

Monarch will offer a daily baking rotation at its “stop-and-shop” counter as well as special-order cakes, pies or creative dessert packages for home parties or corporate events and weddings. Gift boxes of French Macarons – in 73 flavors – and Hot Cocoa Bombs are also available to order.

“The joy for us is knowing that not only can we make someone’s day, occasion or event extra special with traditional baking, but we can also help people with dietary restrictions to be included in the fun,” Stratton said. “Just knowing they can count on someone to accommodate their dietary restrictions and always have something great means so much to them.”

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Stop at Monarch Bakery at 54 Courtland St., Rockford MI. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am7 p.m. and the Sunday 11am-4pm Visit for more information and to download a menu.

What: Inauguration of the Monarch Bakery

Where: 54 Courtland Street, Rockford, Mich.

When: saturday january 8, 10am

Contact: Abby & Ben Straton – 616.884.0622


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