Great British Baking Show season 13 premiering on Netflix

The Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair is back on Netflix for season 13 and even though it’s been less than a year since the season 12 finale, it feels like an eternity. But Noel, Matt, Prue and Paul are finally back with 12 new bakers.

The episode started, as always, with the Signature Challenge and since it was Cake Week, the challenge was to make 12 cake sandwiches. The bakers really showed unique flavors of their cultural backgrounds in this challenge.

But not everyone had a good time. Some didn’t have enough time, some had issues with their frostings, and some had biscuits or cakes that weren’t baked enough.

The next step was the technical challenge (my favorite part!). This time it was the purely American cake: Red Velvet. Some of the bakers clearly knew what they were doing, but others…didn’t. The cream cheese frosting was runny, the cakes were undercooked, and the proportions of cake to frosting were off (at least according to Paul and Prue).

But who came out number one? It was Syabira! The red velvet was one of the first cakes she had ever made, so she knew it very well and it showed. Her cake looked delicious!

Great British Baking Show is back for season 13

Make way for the Showstopper! The bakers were asked to make a 3D reconstruction of a house that had a special meaning for them. And it had to be made mostly of cake.

Some made their current homes, some made their childhood homes from their hometowns, and some recreated their grandmother’s house. Considering it was only the first week, the level of creativity and skill was truly brilliant.

Who became the first Star Baker of season 13? It was Janusz! He really showed off his Polish heritage throughout the episode and his recreation of his mother’s house was a thing of beauty. It was detailed and beautiful!

Unfortunately, someone had to go home. This week it was Will. He just couldn’t pause. He couldn’t get his buttercream done in the first challenge, he was kind of middle of the road in the technique, and he overbaked his cakes in the Showstopper.

Next week it’s all about cookies (or cookies for us in the US).

What did you think of the season 13 premiere of the Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair? Already have a favourite? Let us know in the comments below!