How to ‘boost your laundry’ with baking soda – ‘lighten colors and whiten whites’

Whether your laundry looks dull or you need a natural fabric softener, experts say baking soda could be the answer. While there are many chemical-based and bleach-based products that promise to bring your clothes back to life, frequent use can damage your clothes over time.

Paula Quazi, sustainable cleaning expert and co-founder of Smol, told “Products with higher concentrations of harsh chemicals will also damage clothes.

“Most stain gels, for example, simply whiten your clothes – look for a stain remover instead that uses enzymes to break down proteins in common stains.”

While using baking soda with every wash isn’t the best way to use the kitchen cupboard, it can help add a natural “boost” once in a while, experts say.

Also known as baking soda, the leavening agent traditionally used in baking, is great for dissolving dirt and grime thanks to its alkaline properties.

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“It may have a proven odor and stain neutralizing effect, but it won’t remove bad stains or deodorize soiled fabrics.”

However, while baking soda has some benefits, you also need to make sure you use it correctly.

Mr Davies pointed out that baking soda is “not as effective as laundry detergents and can discolor pH-sensitive fabrics when used to clean them”.

So, washing your clothes with baking soda alone is not a good idea. Instead, it should be used with your usual detergent.

Mr. Davies also warned that baking soda should not be used with white vinegar in your washing machine.

While white vinegar also has its own anecdotal laundry-boosting properties, Mr Davies said: “When added together, vinegar and baking soda will neutralize each other because the two have different pH levels.

“Also, if you add baking soda to the rinse cycle, your clothes will feel rough and stiff.”