IBIE Viewpoint: Tammy Wong, Aspire Bakeries, at IBIE 2022

Tammy Wong is Director of R&D and Marketing at Aspire Bakeries, Los Angeles. She has been working in the company and its previous iteration as Aryzta North America since 2012.

In this second installment of IBIE Point of View, Baking & Snack verifies how the International Baking Exposition (IBIE) meets Mrs. Wong’s expectations.

What did you see at IBIE that surprised you?

A few things caught my eye: the IBIE cannabis pavilion and seeing how cannabis grows and grows in the food industry, the availability of different nuts/seeds/legumes/etc. in the form of flour, and the pursuit of innovation for existing wheats.

What has been the most exciting thing you’ve seen at IBIE so far?

It’s hard to list just one, but I’m excited to see suppliers continue to develop new alternatives/improve existing ingredients so manufacturers can address supply chain issues or customers with specific allergen needs without sacrificing quality.

What were your goals and what do you think of the progress you have made towards achieving them?

My goals were to see what was going on and how exhibitors react to shortages. I feel like I have progressed in understanding the vendors current view of the market/where it is going and how we can continue to be better partners in meeting challenges.

How did you meet the exhibitors? Did you find the information you were looking for?

It was a great experience as IBIE allowed me to reconnect with exhibitors in one place. I was also able to spend time at different booths discussing different solutions/new ingredients that would be beneficial for future projects.

What is the most interesting thing you have learned during a training session or at an exhibitor meeting?

Overall, I learned that it will take more than a new flavor/new product to captivate the consumer. When considering a purchase, today’s consumer considers many aspects of a product. In addition to nutrition facts, ingredient declarations, claims, etc., consumers are also focusing on health and wellness, sustainability, a digital component, and more.

How does IBIE 2022 compare to previous IBIEs you have attended?

The layout of this year’s IBIE show was split between two halls, which was great as it dispersed attendees and separated the show.

How are you going to spend your remaining days at the salon?

I will continue to reconnect with vendors and walk the aisles to see what exhibitors are showing.