Jake Gyllenhaal loves baking this pandemic favorite bread

During an appearance on “The Late Show” in 2020, which centered on Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance in celebration of Stephen Sondheim’s 90th birthday, Gyllenhaal began his interview by silencing Colbert. In a low voice, Gyllenhaal said, “I have leaven rising. It is resting. My leaven is resting.” Colbert, who’s still up for a witty retort, jokingly asked the actor if he had become part of the sourdough cult during the lockdown.

Gyllenhaal didn’t miss a beat and explained, “As my hair grew longer and I kind of slowly entered the hipster world, I fell in love with sourdough.” He also noted that just like everyone who was stuck in their home at the time, he had nothing better to do, and a friend in San Francisco who owns a bakery was ready to show him the ins and outs of sourdough. . It turns out that Colbert, or at least his niece, is a fan of this trend as well. Colbert notes that it smells of yogurt, only to be assured by Gyllenhaal, who knows his sourdough, that he must smell of vinegar. It’s a fun interview and we’re so happy that Gyllenhaal found his calling in sourdough. Maybe he can send Taylor Swift a loaf of bread when he returns her scarf.