JW Marriott Bengaluru Relaunches Bengaluru Baking Company

The JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru relaunches the Bengaluru Baking Company, a fusion of green cuisine, craft fusion cocktails and retail products.

BBC breaks the traditional boundaries of a pastry delicatessen and presents an evolved concept that opens as a casual and convivial café throughout the day, transforming its personality into an energetic lounge restaurant as the evening progresses. BBC prides itself on embracing techniques that are an amalgamation of traditional and modern culinary styles, which also provide an eye-pleasing ‘trompe l’oeil’ illusion. A thoughtful menu curated by pastry chef Gautam Dublay and his culinary team, includes a wide selection of plant-based breakfast creations, smoothie bowls, artisan breads, all-day classics and baking displays ranging from cakes, entremets, verrines à Pralines, including their signature Chikmagalur Estate Opera cake.

The BBC Food & Beverage experience has been designed to be sensory with multiple touch points. Its aromas of freshly baked baked goods and pastries that float in the air have been designed to entice customers in the most pleasant way. Guests can also witness the making of artisan chocolate with a live display of chocolates and candies being perfected and take part in the daily tasting sessions of oils and specialty teas that will make you an aficionado of the foodie world. . Single origin slow brew coffees will be served by trained baristas.

The expansive space covers an indoor seating area as well as an outdoor seating area where pet parents can bring their precious canine companions. The specially selected works of art adorning the space evoke a certain old world charm reminiscent of old Bangalore, interspersed with a photomontage by Bengalurian artist and cartoonist Paul Fernandes. From the murals to the meticulously crafted menu, BBC will take you through some of the city’s iconic locations, whether it’s the Central Library or Lake Ulsoor or old mature trees with blossoms in myriad shades. The private seating area provides the perfect refuge for leisurely business lunches, while the central island houses pastry and beverages. Accented with a copper finish, the island offers just the right touch of glitz in the evening with mood lighting. The perfect facade makes it an absolutely delicious place to spend time enjoying artisanal food.

Craft cocktails are a special feature of the island of drinks. Some of the signature cocktails include the cocane, a fine concoction of sugarcane juice and aged rum, and glocal drinks that drew inspiration from international flavors while retaining their local character. The must-try innovative glocal cocktails consist of Kathakali and Banarasi Swad, a true representation of how drinks can be a fusion of various regions.