Luke Reyvn is here baking money pies

The rising alt-pop star throws caution to the wind in this raw, raucous banger.

LUke Reyvn really rolls in the dough with his new single and his video Money pies — featured today on tinnitist.

The latest track from the rising alt-pop star is a raw, raucous pop-banger about throwing caution to the wind and focusing on life’s more nefarious pursuits. “Damn love, I’m too toxic,” Reyvn sings. “I can’t be your man, but I can buy you Dior.” As he comments, “Money Pies is a fast-paced party and dance song about the struggle for financial success and freedom. It’s the perfect song to ask a DJ or just play with your friends in the car! »

Money pies follows Reyvn’s previous single lie to protecta collaboration with the singer, rapper and ICT Tac star Lil XXL. A propulsive pop anthem about cheating in relationships, the collaboration was born after Reyvn posted an “open verse challenge” on his ICT Tacfirst Lil XXL to contribute to the track. Earlier this year, Reyvn released Another daybittersweet rocker capturing teenage alienation with grimy basslines, screeching rock guitars and rugged beats.

Reyvn creates a startling first impression worthy of his painfully complicated past — but his story is also triumphant: a troubled teenager who got the help he needed and bravely boarded a plane to pursue his dreams of being a pop star. He’s released a steady stream of ultra-catchy and viscerally emotional singles over the past few months; a dizzying whirlwind of pop, hip-hop, EDM, R&B, punk, alternative and indie, bubbling with energy and authenticity.

Leaving college, Reyvn made the brave decision to clean house. “When I started accepting things I didn’t want to accept — like admitting I had addiction issues, depression, and learning disabilities — I started to feel a positive change,” Reyvn reveals. . During this time, he immersed himself in music and spent hours perfecting his aesthetic, honing his innate artistic sensibility, learning to produce and mix, and studying the art of songwriting. Diving into music with such force sparked his childhood dream of being a professional musician and making a name for himself. In the blur of addiction and self-destruction, these passions and desires have been cast aside. Freed from the madness within, he was clear on his goal of being a musician as he boarded a plane bound for Los Angeles on New Year’s Day 2022.

“The purpose of my music is to share my stories and life experiences to have a positive impact. I want to connect with as many listeners as possible, empower others to improve their lives, and inspire those who need help getting it,” Reyvn shares. “I’ve been through many inner struggles and I’m passionate about mental health.”

Reyvn’s innate talents, charisma, audacious authentic style and boundless determination have earned him work with powerhouse producers at legendary studios. To date, he has released a pair of adrenaline-pumping singles. kiss me girl is a dark, romantic banger ready for the mosh pit, filled with punky guitars, an onslaught of hard-hitting drums, and Reyvn’s impassioned vocals that often culminate in a driving falsetto. Razors is a haunting story of addiction brimming with dreamy 80s new wave guitars and loud/soft dynamics. The bad mood Goodbye exudes chilling comfort as it connects with the listener above disturbing thoughts and breaks through the pain with the song’s soaring chorus.

Reyvn’s urgent cathartic pop erupts with purgative punk aggression, anthemic hooks and fearless personal revelation. Reyvn writes from what he knows. “I’m not afraid of being vulnerable,” he says. His uplifting lyrics are inspired by his own struggles with alcohol and drug addiction; his battle with clinical depression and anxiety; his frustrations with his learning disabilities; the dissonance of having big city dreams while feeling suffocated in a small town; and the thrill of the pop-alternative lifestyle. It expresses unlucky truths and wise insights through relatable stories, clever metaphors and catchy puns.

It was a fast and powerfully transformative journey for Reyvn. A moment of clarification recently came when he took the time to see the famous American Hollywood sign with his girlfriend and some friends. “As cliché as it is, it was very meaningful to me,” he says with a good-natured laugh. “As I sat there I realized that I had to hit rock bottom to rise up and fight for those dreams that I put away so many years ago. I have a chance now, and I hope my story inspires others to take action. This life is yours, but you have to want it and get into it.

look Money pies above, listen to more Luke Reyn below, and find it at its website, Facebook, instagram, ICT Tac and Twitter.