Many bakery companies face an awkward position | 2022-01-11

As the baking industry approaches 2022, a few hurricane (or blizzard) force headwinds are preventing many businesses from reaching their full potential. In some cases, they are turning down business as they struggle to meet their customers’ growing demands for more products in this expanding economy. Additionally, supply chain shortages and rising raw material prices have put many bakery companies in the awkward position of raising prices as everyday low-cost customers want them to hold the line. .

Labor shortages have left bakeries understaffed and sometimes unable to schedule shifts, let alone increase capacity to take on new business. Recently, the American Bakers Association and the American Society of Baking released “Workforce Recruitment Trends & Best Practices in US Commercial Baking,” an update to the survey of workforce gaps that the associations and Cypress Research conducted in 2016.

Among the key findings of the 2021 study, up to two-thirds of bakery employers predict that the labor shortage issue will continue to be important to their business over the next five years. About 50% of bakery businesses expect the high to severe shortage of drivers to continue as well.

To address these issues, more companies are using formal employee referral programs, social media channels, virtual or in-person job fairs, and job fairs specific to the industry. company to attract hourly, skilled and unskilled production employees. The male-dominated industry is said to be looking for more female employees, as well as second-chance candidates. For more information, contact the association for a copy of this great tool that provides insight into growing your business this year.