Mistakes Everyone Makes When Baking Cookies

You might think that bag of generic all-purpose flour in your pantry will make you good cookies. Why wouldn’t you? It’s called “all-purpose”, isn’t it? Well, the truth is that while you can definitely use it to bake cookies, it’s far from ideal. Time and time again, tests of different brands have shown that although there are many bad flours, there is only one good flour to use for making cookies.

Cooking on the Side tested three different flours: Gold-Medal All-Purpose with added baking powder and salt, self-rising White Lily, and a self-rising store brand. Allrecipes took their test one step further by testing six different brands, including fan favorites such as Bob’s Red Mill and King Arthur. They both came to the conclusion that the answer is White Lily. Cookies made with this particular brand were soft and light and produced excellent height. It’s no wonder it’s the brand of flower used exclusively in the famous Chick-Fil-A cookies.

The reason goes back to basic science. White Lily is made with low-protein wheat (with 11% protein content, according to the company). According to NPR, low protein prevents too much gluten from forming, keeps cookies tender, and allows leavening agents to do their magic.