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Molasses Cookies Recipe | Epicurious

This soft and chewy Molasses Cookies recipe is from the “You Asked For It” section of Greedy November 1995 issue. A reader requested the recipe after sampling the cookies at Mocha Molly’s Coffee Saloon in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which closed in 2006. The old-school favorite has been bringing Epi readers back ever since. . The addition of vegetable shortening keeps the cookies moist and tender for days – a good quality in any holiday cookie – while the butter and a trio of spices (ground cinnamon, cloves and ginger) boost the rich molasses flavor.

You can use a stand mixer or hand mixer to bring the cookie dough together, but as long as you remember to soften your butter at room temperature, you can easily make them with just a wooden spoon and a mixing bowl. to mix together. The recipe calls for you to roll the dough balls in sugar before baking to give the finished cookies a shiny shine. But we also like to swap out the finishing sugar for demerara or turbinado, which hold more molasses and have larger crystals than regular granulated sugar, and will provide extra flavor and a bit of crunch to contrast the molasses cookie. soft.

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