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Mourning the loss of a mother in the community; cowboy cookie recipe | food drink

His son Kevin spends the night with his daughter Elizabeth and Tim. He’ll go deer hunting with Tim in the morning.

This evening we witnessed the visit of a 41-year-old woman from our community. We were shocked and saddened when Mose’s cousin, Ruth Ann, died after giving birth 10 days early. Ruth Ann is survived by a husband and eight children. The eldest is 16 years old and the youngest 10 days old. Our hearts ache for them. We know they will have many difficult and lonely days ahead of them. Ruth Ann was an only child and had two brothers. She also leaves to mourn her parents, her mother-in-law and her husband’s family.

Tomorrow we plan to attend the funeral. We will be taking his daughter Susan and his children Jennifer and Ryan. It’s hard for Susan when she’s sitting with Mose’s loved ones and he’s no longer next to her. She understands the feelings Ruth Ann’s husband will be going through in the days, weeks and months to come. A baby who will never know his mother. Teenagers who could benefit from their mother’s advice, and school-aged children who will never come home to tell her how school went. This family needs our prayers. May God guide them in this painful ordeal of their lives. We don’t always understand why, but we know that God doesn’t make mistakes.

Sunday we woke up to our first snowfall, which accumulated to about an inch. The ground was still not frozen, so he didn’t stay long. It was a pretty scene with snow clinging to the branches of the trees. We have also had beautiful sunsets lately. Only our master artist can paint a picture like that. How beautiful the sky must be.

Thanksgiving is here. A year ago, our life was still complete. Our three loved ones were always with us. We all ate together for Thanksgiving dinner. Sister Liz, Levi and part of their family were able to join us. Little did we know that in a matter of weeks our lives would be changed forever. Time passes, and we must continue, but not without many tears shed and pain in our hearts. Without the comfort of God and the support of others, we could not continue. We try to be cheerful with others, and her daughter Susan said she learned to smile when inside she didn’t feel like smiling.

Yesterday Sister Emma and I went into town with Sister Verena. She needed help finding a new stove. Hers gave up, and her house was 45 degrees when we stopped there. She stayed with us or with Emma. She stayed with her daughters Susan and Verena last night.

I think she plans to come here tonight and go to the funeral with us. Hopefully his house will be heated by tomorrow and his new stove will be working properly.

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