NDSP inaugurates a soy factory

CASSELTON, ND. – North Dakota Soybean Processors (NDSP), a joint venture between CGB Enterprises, Inc. (CGB) and Minnesota Soybean Processors (MnSP), marked the start of construction of a new facility with a groundbreaking ceremony Aug. 26 near of Casselton.

NDSP, jointly owned by CGB, based in Covington, Louisiana, and MnSP, based in Brewer, Minnesota, will own and operate the new facility. The plant, which is expected to crush 42.5 million soybean buses in its first year, will produce soybean oil, soybean meal and hulls. It should be fully operational in 2024 and support 50 to 60 jobs.

“Thinking about this factory, I’m excited because it offers a unique opportunity to bring the value chain together in a safe, sustainable and socially responsible way like no other can,” said Steve O’Nan, President of NDSP. “The value that the NDSP will bring to Cass County and North Dakota farmers, food businesses and renewable fuels facilities, and the local community is significant. It’s rare that a single institution can bring it all together, and we at CGB and MnSP are proud to be part of it.

MnSP, a 2,300-member co-op, has a soybean processing facility in Brewster that began grinding soybeans in 2003 and added a biodiesel refining facility in 2005.

“MnSP has always sought to add value to soybeans grown in its drawing area, and NDSP will do the same by adding value to soybeans grown right here in and around Cass County,” said Scott White, Advisor main for MnSP. “We would like to thank the residents of Cass County and the City of Casselton, state soybean growers, state and local administrators, and elected officials throughout the region for their support. We would also like to thank all of the utility and transportation providers and the countless suppliers of goods and services who have made and will make this project a reality.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum joined U.S. Senators Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven, along with other state, local, agricultural and business leaders to celebrate the start of construction.

“This project is part of a tectonic shift in North Dakota agriculture and energy – moving away from exporting all of our raw materials out of state for processing and moving to adding value to those products right here at home, reducing transportation costs and improving the prices paid to soybean growers,” Burgum said.

CGB has a soybean processing plant in Mount Vernon, Ind., which was built in 1997 and recently underwent a major expansion to increase its soybean processing capacity. The company has additional grain elevator assets strategically located across the United States with access to rail, truck and barge transportation, as well as other complementary agriculture and manufacturing businesses. transportation.

CGB, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Consolidated Grain and Barge Co., operates a network of grain facilities throughout the Midwest. In addition to grain facilities, CGB Enterprises, Inc. has operations dedicated to logistics and transportation (CTLC), agri-finance (AGRIfinancial Services), soybean processing, producer risk management and to other related activities.