New ‘Great British Baking Show’ trailer comes out of the oven

(Love Productions/Channel 4/Netflix)

This is a heavy week in the UK as Queen Elizabeth II’s period of mourning extends until her funeral on Monday. But although much of UK TV is canceled or delayed (sorry, Come dance strictly fans!), a show got up and out of the oven just in time. The great British pastry fair new season (Season 13 there, Collection 10 here) premiered on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 8 p.m. BT. This means that in less than 60 hours, the start of the big 90-minute premiere will arrive on Netflix, just when we need it most.

The great British pastry fair was lucky in its timing and relationship with Netflix. While nearly everyone in the universe has been hustled for the Queen, on both sides of the pond, the combination of the lack of a Queen-centric event on Tuesday night and the need for a premiere before the Netflix’s debut has kept GBBO on the schedule. While some may consider this a bit disrespectful to HRH, after days of watching his coffin travel across the country and mourners pour into the streets, people on Twitter seemed to appreciate the momentary pause.

For those of us on this side of the pond, the debut takes place right in the middle of the Queen’s show in Westminster Hall, and its debut on Friday means everyone will have the chance to take a break in her schedule, from the cover of Queen Elizabeth to enjoying meeting our new bakers in the tent. This season didn’t know when it was filmed, it was going to be called upon to comfort an entire grieving nation. However, from the looks of the official Netflix trailer, this season is poised to be the comfort TV everyone craves, arriving fresh out of the oven just when we need it most.

The judges, as always, are Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, with Matt Lucas and Christmas Fielding as hosts this season. Matt returns to host after entering the contestant’s shows during the show’s celebrity edition (which isn’t airing here). According to Paul and Prue, the experience changed his perspective. “As soon as he got behind the bench and we approached him, he was nervous and knew us as friends. I thought that was weird. It shows the power of the tent,” Paul Hollywood said. “The pressure that bakers are under cannot be underestimated. People make stupid mistakes that they normally never would. I’ve seen this every year. It’s because of the weather, the cameras, the lights and the fact that you are in the tent. Everyone is fallible.”

This year’s baker’s crop includes Abdul, Carole, Dawn, James, Janusz, Kevin, Maisam, Maxy, Rebs, Sandro, Syabira and Will, and Rebs has already won my heart for comparing Paul Hollywood to a White Walker. Now, let’s see if everyone’s pastry can live up to their personality.

The great British pastry fair Collection 10 (aka Season 13) premieres on Netflix on Friday, September 16, 2022 at 3 a.m. ET. It will run on a weekly broadcast schedule with new episodes arriving across the pond every Friday after airing on Channel 4 on Tuesday of that week.