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Prince William, Kate, the Princess of Wales and their children are likely to focus on “family time” this semester, a royal commentator has claimed. Last month the Welsh moved to Windsor and Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis moved to new schools. However, soon after the move, they suffered the loss of their beloved grandmother and great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Jennie Bond suggested that because of this, the family will take a well-deserved half-term break and comfort each other by spending time together.

Miss Bond said Kate, 40, would try to provide stability for her family during this difficult time in their lives.

She said OK! “Catherine will just try to make this as normal as possible.

“After the passing of their great grandmother, William and Catherine will try to get things done as quickly as possible and not dwell too much on the sadness of the past two months.

“While William will no doubt have times when he feels very sad, he will try to protect the children from it.”

Since the Queen’s death on September 8 – the same day children in Wales started school – the Prince and Princess of Wales have carried out a number of engagements, including visiting Northern Ireland and Wales.

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So, Ms Bond said no one could ‘blame’ the hard-working Royal Family for wanting to spend time with family this semester.

She said: “It’s been brutal [work] schedule for William and Catherine and they have a very young family.

“I think the work-life balance must have been difficult the past few weeks and, let’s face it, it’s not going to get any easier with their new responsibilities.”

The royal commentator said she believed the Welsh would spend most of their two-week break at Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor Estate, crafting, cooking and exploring nature.

She said: “It’s a safe bet they love being in Windsor and settling in after all that’s happened.”

“I can imagine them getting to know their new surroundings and the kids going to explore the places there.

“They can also take that time to do any customization they want to do in their home, doing it the way they want.

“They will focus on family time and enjoying the outdoor activities they love like biking, horseback riding, walks, outings with the dog and barbecues – enjoying the fall and recharging their batteries after a very difficult first semester for the children. ”

She added that even if it rains, the Welsh will still have plenty to do to keep the children entertained.

She said: “If it’s raining they could probably play games and they really enjoy cooking and baking.

“The school they’re at has all kinds of hobbies and crafts, so they might learn a thing or two.

“There are things like ‘mini MasterChef’, skiing and trampolining and there are chickens and pigs. So halfway through they could have come up with new ideas at school for what they want to do, like making ‘mini Masterchef’ at home.


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“Catherine is also very passionate about her photography and they do filmmaking at school, so maybe George expressed an interest in that and started learning.”

Ms Bond added that while she doesn’t think the family will be doing ‘anything lavish due to the cost of living crisis we find ourselves in’ over the holidays, they can opt to stay at their old Amner Hall house or a trip to Tresco in the Isles of Scilly.

She said: “Anmer Hall is where they really put their roots down and they love to be.

“They feel very relaxed there, so I could imagine them having a real stay there. It’s also a pretty nice time of year to go to Tresco and they love it there. They seem to really enjoy the privacy they have there, for example, there are no cars.

“I think they stay in a Rectory which has walled gardens and lots of privacy and off season Tresco only has a few hundred residents so they can enjoy all the outdoor activities they like, run and take the dog out.”

It is believed that William and Kate moved to Windsor to be closer to the Queen, and also to be close to Kate’s parents and sister, who live nearby.