Paul and Prue saved the bad baker “The Great British Baking Show” “Mexican Week”

The great British pastry fair The “Mexican week” was full of controversy. There was the tone-deaf tone of Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, Paul Hollywood’s idea of ​​putting refried beans on tacos, and the way sweet Carole Edwards pronounced “pico de gallio.” However, these issues specific to the “Mexican week” have eclipsed a more classic issue Pastry shop fight. Again, you have to wonder if it’s not the bad bakers who have gone home this week. spoilers, but did Rebs Lightbody and James Dewar both deserve to have the boot while Carole got the gift of staying in the Bake Off tent for another day? Or did Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith get it wrong in the double elimination of “Mexican Week”?

Last week, Rebs Lightbody and Abdul Rehman Sharif missed The great British pastry fair “Bread Week” because they were under the weather. In a fit of pity, Paul and Prue decided to spare the elimination of one of the eight bakers present. However, they warned everyone that because no one went home last week, a double elimination would be on the horizon. It just so happened that this week, Paul and Prue discovered that there were three bakers whose poor performances put them in line to go home: James, Rebs and Carole. They gave the ax to James and Rebs… but was it the right decision? I do not think so! I think Carole and not James should have been eliminated.

The best part of watching The great British pastry fair watch these darling bakers create decadent desserts against the clock. The worst part is that we never taste any of the creations. We just have to trust Paul and Prue’s opinion on the texture, flavors and overall quality of the pastries. From Paul and Prue’s comments — coupled with the producers’ picks in the editing booth — it’s often obvious which bakers are doing well and which are in big trouble.

Carole calling Pico de Gallo, "Pic de Gallio"
Picture: Netflix

The “Mexican week” was difficult for the Britain’s Greatest Baking Fair bakers. Almost everyone except Maxy and Kevin fumbled a bit during the Pan dulce Signature Challenge. Carole came in last during the technical taco, with Rebs in ninth place and James in eighth. During the Showstopper Challenge tres leches cake, Dawn rallied enough to save her own skin, but James, Carole and Rebs struggled yet again. But the trio struggled in different ways.

James realized he was in trouble, so the Scottish creative took it upon himself to be incredibly ambitious during his Showstopper. Instead of just trying a layered tres leches cake, he added strawberry pie as the next level and a necklace of white chocolate. As Paul later said, James tried too hard and the end result wasn’t neat. Paul and Prue loved the flavor of the strawberry pie and the bottom sponge cake, but Prue felt it wasn’t evenly drenched. Paul liked the flavor, but again called it messy.

While James tried too hard and failed in his decorations, Rebs’ Showstopper was a leaky mess and didn’t taste good. Apparently she went overboard on the flavors much to Paul and Prue’s chagrin. Carol, who was struggling The first day there was a beautiful cake, but there were definitely flavors. Lady put two bird’s eye chilies in her chocolate ganache, making it way too hot for Paul’s taste. Prue defended the cake even though she noted that it wasn’t soaked in her piece at all.

James after elimination from the Great British Baking Show
Picture: Netflix

So when James, Rebs and Carole were named as the final three bakers during deliberations, I was not surprised. In fact, Rebs had been downstairs every week she was in the tent, and Carole was in danger last week. What surprised me was that James and Rebs were chosen to go home. I personally thought — and don’t hate me, Carole! — it should have been Rebs and Carole.

Rebs’ time in the tent was certainly up, but it was a little tighter between James and Carole. Because Carole not only came in last in technique, but because she also fumbled on the flavor of one of the simpler pastries, I would have given James the edge. I think in the end, taste should matter more than decor, and technique should be used to break ties.

Alas, that’s not what Paul and Prue thought. They decided that James would go home and, to James’ credit, he took the news like a champ. Rebs cried and Prue had to remind him that it was just a piece of cake, but James was making self-deprecating jokes on camera about his performance. James will endure! I only wish James had endured longer in The great British pastry fair attempted.