Pet food startup launches vegan cooking mixes

BROOKLYN NY. – On October 11, Peterra Kitchen, a “forward-thinking” pet food startup, launched new cooking mixes for dogs and cats. Plant-based mixes can be used to create dog treats or cat food mixes.

Formulated with AAFCO-approved organic whole food ingredients, Vegan Baking Mixes contain no artificial ingredients, GMOs, fillers or preservatives. The blends contain “health-protecting” herbs and spices formulated with fiber, prebiotics and antioxidants to support gut health in pets. With the addition of water, the mixtures can be shaped and cooked, creating a highly palatable treat for dogs and cats.

Founded in 2021 by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Keri Gans and Jackie Newgent, Peterra Kitchen strives to provide eco-friendly pet foods that help strengthen the bond between pets and humans, while promoting overall health.

“I wanted a health-promoting meal mix for my cat, Baby Duke, because his vet suggested he was slightly overweight and showing signs of inflammation,” Newgent said. “I couldn’t find an ideal product on the market, so I created my own product with fiber and potential anti-inflammatory benefits.”

Baking mixes come in two varieties, specially formulated for dogs and cats. Dog baking mix makes thumbprint cookies, which can be filled with peanut butter and broken up for small dog breeds. Cat Baking Mix creates Botanical Bark, which can be served as a food mix.

“When my dog ​​Cooper came into my life, I greeted him with Jackie’s amazing homemade cookie,” Gans said. “He went crazy for them. I knew immediately that these cookies should be shared with all dogs.

Peterra Kitchen mixes are packaged in compostable pouches, providing additional environmental benefits.

The new Thumbprint Cookies Baking Mix for Dogs comes in a 6oz pouch, which makes 30 cookies, for $19.95, and the Botanical Bark Baking Mix for Cats comes in a 4oz pouch, which makes 30 cookies. makes 72 pieces of bark, for $17.95.

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