Cookie flavors

Popular Lofthouse Cookie Flavors, Ranked Worst to Best

Sliced, covered in chocolate or simply eaten whole, strawberries are not a fruit to be avoided (unless you are allergic). They are a great addition to smoothies, fruit bowls, and even hot chocolate. Small red berries are not only incredibly healthy, but also a great addition to almost any sweet dessert. Strawberry ice cream is a cool, sweet flavor that works great in Neapolitan, and is also a wonderful flavor for cakes. If you see a cold, pink, fruity cupcake or dessert, it’s probably a strawberry. The fruit also works well for cookies, as this next flavor proves.

Lofthouse has Strawberry Lemonade Flavored Cookies, but this next product is purely strawberry. The cookie and frosting are strawberry pink in color, and one bite reminds us of a dense strawberry cake. The flavor is more like a strawberry candy than an actual strawberry, but it still tastes fruity and sweet like any good strawberry cookie should. The pink and red sprinkles remind us of the seeds covering a strawberry, which is a plus in our books. We wouldn’t opt ​​for a strawberry cookie over a chocolate or sugar cookie, but we certainly wouldn’t say no to this solid fruit flavored treat.