Cookie flavors

Ranking of the 18 flavors of Milano cookies … Which flavor n ° 1?

Today at Guilty Eats we take a special look and rank the Cookie 18 Milano flavors offered on their website. Milano cookies are a product of the Pepperidge farm and have been around since 1956.

Let’s face it: Milano cookies have been there for us. In the good times, when nibbling them meant some kind of party, to celebrate a promotion, a game won in sport, or in my case, the publication of an article, a story or a novel in a festive way. .

We all have our reasons to celebrate, for sure, and to that I say, “Hip, hip, dear readers. Hip hip! “

But Milano cookies have also been there in times of sadness, depression and turmoil; they were that comforting factor that only a hot afghan on a terribly cold day can provide… in essence, comfort food, dear readers.

Whether it’s a bad breakup, or even demotion, job loss, or, in my case, rejection (even career writers always have them, believe it or no).

So here’s to celebrate the cookie that has been there for us, through thick and thin… let’s rank the 18 flavors of the Milano cookie

Interesting fact: Did you know that Pepperidge Farm once sued Trader Joe’s because Trader Joe’s, at one point, posted and offered a cookie far too similar to Milano cookies?

18. Milano biscuit with dark chocolate and sea salt

Okay, I’ve complained about dark chocolate before. But I can’t help myself, folks. Why does something that needs to be sweet taste so bitter? It’s a riddle I’ve been trying to solve since I was a kid, when my mom tried to impose on me the importance of After Eights after a heavy meal.

I do not want it !

And it is a riddle that I no longer wish to solve.

I understand that there are those who love their dark chocolate and to them I tell everyone theirs.

17. Milano mint cookie

Which brings us to the dreaded mint flavor. Not a fan of mint for dessert. As far as I’m concerned, that peppermint and spearmint flavor belongs to three things: 1-mouthwash, 2-toothpaste, and 3-sugar-free gum.

16. Candy Cane Milano (seasonal option)

Seeing that the last entry was basically my minty anti everything anthem, I guess we can understand that a candy cane cookie wouldn’t fall in my good graces either … hence these last three in the list of ‘today.

15. Double Dark Chocolate Milano

Oh man. Dark chocolate is bad enough, but double ?!

14. Dark chocolate Milano

pity !

13. Orange Milano

Now we get into the best part of the flavors of Milan. Because if you ask me, I’ll quote good old Carlton Banks from The prince of Bel-Air: “I’m more of a Tutti Frutti man, myself.”

This one isn’t the best of fruit flavors, but kind of reminds me of orange marmalade on toast which is one of my favorite things.

12. Milano biscuit with salted caramel

Who doesn’t like caramel? As far as I’m concerned, caramel looks a lot like bacon, and adding caramel (again, like bacon) to anything is license to print money.

11. Toasted marshmallow Milano

Decent and worth your time if you really feel like marshmallow. Not as good as roasting them over an open flame, however.

10. Milano Lemon Biscuit

Ah… more of that epic fruitiness that we love. Lemon hits the mark.

9. Milano milk chocolate

Now when it comes to chocolate, milk chocolate is definitely the way to go.

8. Milano Raspberry Biscuit

One of the best fruit flavors, when it comes to Milano cookies.

7. Milano Irish Cream

Wow ! Irish cream can now hit the mark in several ways. I’m sure many of you have had a tiny bit of Irish cream after a long, hard day, but trust me these cookies will do pretty much the same, without the buzz afterwards, of course.

6. Double milano milk chocolate

See number 9 – the more the merrier.

5. Milanese coconut cookie

The coconut added to candy is pure heaven, folks. I’m sure you agree. But if you don’t, we’re all friends here at Guilty Eats, and your opinions mean a lot to us.

4. Banana Milano (seasonal option)

It’s a shame this one is only seasonal, which I can’t say about the seasonal flavor of candy cane, obviously. This one reminds me of a banana cake that I used to have in this little bed and breakfast in western Quebec. The taste of these brings me back to a weekend I spent there working on a novel… these and tea my only company.

I used to spread butter on this cake after warming it up a bit.

3. Caramel Macchiato Milano

These definitely enhance that caramel flavor and are a million times better than the aforementioned salted caramel.

2. Milano Strawberry Biscuit

The greatest fruit flavor of all when looking at Milano cookies, for sure.

1. Pumpkin Spice Milano (seasonal option)

The bewitching and enigmatic aroma known as pumpkin spice; his placement on this list should show you that I really hold him in high regard.

These are only seasonal, like two others on this list, but the fact that we can get them all year round is the biggest tragedy of all.

What about you, dear readers and Guilty Eaters? What flavors do you like? Okay with me, or are you more of a dark chocolate fan after all? Let us know.