Cookies recipe

Recipe for crunchy caramel and chocolate chip cookies

  • I made a few changes because I wanted a very crunchy almost caramelized texture for these cookies and the result is exactly what I was hoping for. I used half a cup less flour because I didn’t want a cake like texture as I saw some of the reviews. Also, I skipped the powdered sugar and instead used a quarter of cop brown sugar in its place. Second, I mixed softened butter with sugar and spooned it over each Cooke in the pan. It did exactly what I was hoping for…delicious super crunchy cookies. This will replace chocolate chip cookies in our house.

  • I’ve never written a review before, but I’m completely stumped by this recipe. It has nothing to do with the name, description or image. Ok, this is more like a chocolate chip shortbread with decent flavor and the muffin pan did nothing. Very strange for a Bon Appétit recipe because I almost always have great success with it. Can you please provide a recipe that matches this BA cookie description? I thought it looked delicious!

  • Delicious cookies. I replaced the chocolate chip cookies at my house. Much more elegant.

  • Sugar. . . Sugar sugar. Butter . . Butter . . . Butter. NOPE. . . NOPE. . . NOPE.

  • As soon as I finished making these cookies, my family devoured a whole batch, so I disagree with some of the negative reviews here. The dough is a bit dry, but I found that after kneading well, it turned out well. The title is definitely misleading, but the end result is still delicious – definitely worth making again!

  • I’m amazed at so many negative reviews – these were delicious with a shortbread flavor, but a bit more chewy. I omitted the nuts and they were perfect. I was hesitant to try these because I didn’t like the look of the cookie in the photo, but mine didn’t have that raised edge of the muffin tin – the cold, sliced ​​rounds stayed crisp even while baking. And the spirit was much more lightly browned – I baked them for 25 minutes and they just turned brown around the edges. I was nervous when I saw the crumbly dough, but it came together perfectly with just a little kneading in the bowl. These are my new favorites!

  • So phenomenal that I now want to bake my next cookies (peanut butter, molasses, cookie butter and melted chocolate this way). Mine didn’t quite caramelize like the pictures show AND needed longer cooking times, but wow, the flavor! Ok, the chocolate chip ones tasted more like shortbread, but the heat from being directly on the metal on the bottom and possibly the sides as the cookies expand gives great texture inside and on the outside and the flavor seems a bit more intense, perhaps due to restricted diffusion. An undeniable winner!

  • Did you forget an egg or two. The cookie was too dry. Something more was needed.

  • Dry and uninteresting. I won’t do that again.

  • I loved the flavor of these cookies. I was expecting more of a gooey caramelization so I overcooked them a bit. From the photo, I was expecting a chewy, gooey cookie, but it’s more like delicious shortbread. Nice surprise ! I expect these cookies to be an integral part of our rotation.

  • These are great. It took a little longer than expected for the recipe to turn golden in the photo. I don’t know what some other reviewers have taken issue with – they are shortbread cookies. Maybe people were expecting a soft, chewy cookie?

  • This recipe made a delicious and beautiful shortbread cookie. It’s important that 1) you use chopped chocolate from bars, not chips and 2) that the dough is well kneaded after you put the dough together. Both will help you easily slice cookies after refrigeration and maintain their round shape.

  • I made these yesterday, thinking the bonappetit could only offer great recipes. Boy, was I wrong! These were tasteless, hard and dry! I followed the recipe and instructions exactly. My family, my guests and I all thought they were awful. Don’t invest your money in the ingredients or your time in making these disappointing cookies.

  • I had reservations about the lack of baking soda/powder and eggs. By following the recipe to the letter and even after several attempts, I was disappointed. I understand it’s a shortbread cookie, but it was dry and disappointing. The color was light, the biscuit dry and no caramelization flavor. I think the takeaway here is technique. I plan to bake my favorite cookie recipe in a buttered pan. This cookie could have benefited from the use of brown sugar. I do not know. I feel like I wasted money and time on this one.

  • For whoever is making these for a vegan friend, unless you have a really good butter substitute, they won’t be vegan even without the eggs.