Retail bakers find solid training at IBIE 2022 | 2022-09-07

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Retail bakers have been through a lot since the International Baking Industry Expo 2019. There is the obvious COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on business. For some it was a banner year, while for others it meant a struggle to keep the doors open. And then there’s the rising ingredient prices and the difficulty of finding labor that they face today. According to Bernadette Shanahan-Haas, executive director of Retail Bakers of America, however, it’s the incredible creativity of retail bakers that has kept them afloat during these trying times.

“Even though the pandemic has been really difficult, it has brought people together,” she said in this episode of From the bread. “I reminded people to buy local, and it reminded them that your bakery is right around the corner and really important to your community. Encourage them. The bakers who have really marketed around it have really seen that it paid off.

In this episode of From the bread, Ms. Shanahan-Haas explains how the past three years have dealt with the retail bakery industry and how RBA has supported its members during these difficult times. She also shared what participating bakers can expect to find at IBIE 2022.

“Our education this year and the RBA Bakers Center decorated by Corbion, the programming we have this year is amazing. Every amazing baker from all over the world comes to IBIE,” she said. “So anyone you’ve been thinking about or following on Instagram or wanting to learn from, they’re at IBIE this year. I couldn’t be more excited about our range of education.

Listen to this episode of From the bread to learn more about the retail bakery industry and what IBIE 2022 brings to support this industry.

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