Roku acquires “The Great British Baking Show” and launches a new FAST channel around it

Already established as a tasty treat on the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK, and on Netflix here in the US, The Roku Channel has cut itself a big slice of The great British pastry fair and will launch a new FAST channel dedicated to the British reality competition series and its spin-off shows.

As part of a deal with Love Productions, Roku has acquired the first seven seasons of the landmark series, known as The Great British Bakeoff in Great Britain. (Pillsbury trademarked the term “bakeoff” here in the US, so it must run under “baking show.”)

Additionally, Roku will debut the first 10 seasons of the spin-off series in the United States. Celebrity Baking Showas well as seasons 1 to 3 of Baking Show: An extra slice. The US premieres of Love Productions Paul Hollywood Bread, The Cooks of Mary Berry, Liam bakes and Chronicles of Nadia will also appear on Roku’s new baking-themed FAST.

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The launch of The Great British Baking Show Channel comes after Roku announced in August that it would pick up the American spin-off The Great American Pastry Show from ABC, a company kicking off with the upcoming release Great American Baking Show Holiday Special.

In all, Roku has acquired over 150 episodes of baking-themed British non-fiction shows.

The Roku Channel apparently makes new programming acquisition announcements several times a week these days – it made a huge flurry of them on Tuesday alone, all of which are broken down here (opens in a new tab).

As for pastry fairit seems to have a solid precedent for success as an ad-supported Roku offering.

The series debuted on BBC Two in 2010, became the channel’s most popular show and later moved to BBC One. Channel 4 poached him after the BBC’s deal with Love Productions expired at the end of season 7.

Netflix started acquiring the show in 2018, starting with season 8. Currently, seasons 8-13 are available on Netflix, labeled “Collections 5-10”. ■