Shanghai’s ice cream business booms in summer

The recent heat wave in China has led to an increase in demand for Shanghai-made ice cream. Leaving the local ice cream makers smiling despite the scorching heat.

Soaring temperatures in China’s commercial capital Shanghai throughout July have kept Ye Xiangxiang busy.

The manager of Yuhu Ice Company Ltds of Shanghai. ice-making plant on the outskirts of town, Ye said business in 2022 is double that of a normal year.

“This year, the weather is quite hot and the temperature is high – in Shanghai, the hottest reported temperature was over 41 degrees – for us, for our business, it makes a big difference,” Ye said.

Although spending hot summer days surrounded by ice might seem like the coolest job in town, Ye and his factory workers sweat as they hoist 40-kilogram blocks of ice onto trucks on days when Shanghai issued an “amber alert” for temperatures exceeding 37 degrees.

“It’s just non-stop. Workers can only rest for a few hours a day,” Ye said.

In addition to Yuhu’s regular customers – such as farmers markets and seafood markets around Shanghai – they also sell more ice cream to customers in other cities experiencing hot weather.

Ye, 30, says local governments and sub-districts in Shanghai are also among the new customers. Some have started providing ice packs to make volunteers more comfortable during the city’s regular mass Covid-19 testing.

Volunteers at the test sites, who wear head-to-toe protective gear, endured particularly uncomfortable conditions.

Although Ye’s business is enjoying the warmer weather, he is very concerned about the larger global issues.

“The warming world is not a good situation because we have to use more refrigeration and more energy and science tells us that creates an abnormal situation,” he said.