Snack pie maker expands in Kansas

WICHITA, KAN. — JTM Foods LLC, a maker of hand pies, opened a new manufacturing facility in Wichita on Aug. 24. With financial partner Tenex Capital Management, JTM is investing approximately $40 million in the Kansas expansion.

The new 195,000 square foot facility is expected to double JTM’s current manufacturing and distribution footprint, which is located in Erie, Pennsylvania. The expansion is JTM’s first outside of Pennsylvania and will make it easier for the company to serve its portable snack pie retail partners. in its southern, southwest and west coast markets. The expansion also paves the way for more product innovations, the company noted.

The Wichita plant is expected to be commissioned in the fall of 2023 and will create approximately 150 jobs in the area over the next two years.

“After exploring multiple options in multiple states and localities, the strong public/private partnerships here, connecting government, corporate, academic, and community interests, convinced us that Wichita was the ‘best choice’ for the future expansion of JTM,” said Monty Pooley, President. and Chairman and CEO of JTM.

“The expansion of JTM Foods to Wichita is great news for Kansans and for candy lovers everywhere,” Kansas Governor Laura Kelly said. “Kansas dominates the food processing landscape, and JTM’s investment highlights the tremendous competitive advantages that businesses here in Kansas enjoy.”

Founded in 1986 by Jeffrey T. McMillin, JTM Foods began manufacturing crispy rice treats under the JJ’s brand in 1993. In 1996, the JJ’s Snacks and Treats brand was created, and in 2013, JJ’s was renamed JJ’s Bakery . Today, the company produces more than 350 million hand pies a year in a variety of flavors including apple, banana cream, blackberry, cherry, chocolate, lemon, lemon cream and peach. The company also offers Duos, which feature multiple fillings. Duos are available in Boston Cream and Strawberry and Cream flavors. The company’s crispy rice candies are marshmallow crispy rice candies that come in two flavors: homestyle and birthday cake.