Spring Baking Championship Season 8 Takes Inspiration From Its New Host

As the cold begins to fade and the flowers begin to emerge from the ground, it’s time for Season 8 of the Spring Baking Championship. As Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller and Sunny Anderson return to the judges’ table, a new host takes the reins. And, she inspires some of the baking challenges of the season.

For Season 8 of the Spring Baking Championship, Molly Yeh is joining the Food Network Baking Contest. While many people know Yeh from his show Girl Meets Farm, this farm is going to inspire some of the challenges ahead.

As this farm life serves as inspiration, Yeh is ready to bring a new spark to the popular baking contest. From huge twists to double eliminations, this season will be different from previous challenges. Although bakers will want to showcase the flavors and colors of spring, the tricks might be more reminiscent of a “fall” holiday.

As Yeh shared, “Holding the Spring Baking Championship was a magical sugar rush. Getting to know the amazing group of bakers, giving them farm-centric challenges, and eating all the amazing sweets they baked was nothing short of a dream. Throw in the chance to eat all those goodies with Kardea, Nancy, and Duff, and I pinch myself again. I can’t wait for the public to see this season!

Adding Yeh to the mix seems like a perfect match. Besides being a great baker, Yeh is extremely friendly. She should be able to put bakers at ease in the competition.

Spring Baking Championship Season 8 will launch on Monday, February 28. Twelve bakers will complete various challenges, including fruit pies, flower cakes, and even a Mardi Gras-inspired dessert. Although there is only one champion, Food Network fans will have plenty of treats to savor.

Although the full roster of bakers has yet to be revealed, it will be interesting to see the mix of bakers. Although pastry teachers have done well in recent competitions, this pattern may need to be broken. Could this be a season where an amateur baker wins?

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