Students develop unique hob to counter poor quality ovens

A Stroud student, tired of questionable food from the shoddy ovens in his college accommodation, invented his own hob.

Robbie Denning, 20, and twins Maiya and Luke Roberts, 21, had had enough of inconsistently cooked food and so set about inventing their own purpose-built griddle – perfectly equipped to deliver chips perfect crisps and perfectly cooked pizzas.

Robbie, a mechanical engineering student, used the skills in thermodynamics and software design learned during his course to invent the MiraclePlate.

The plate is thicker than most baking trays, maximizing heat retention, while it features hexagonal holes aimed at distributing airflow through the oven.

They say the design is also coated in a non-stick material so it won’t rust, and it’s both lighter and cheaper than other griddles on the market.

Unlike other products, the MiraclePlate also won’t break like ceramic pizza stones, or as much as competitors.

The team is now aiming to raise funds for their company BakePlate to begin production via Kickstarter.

The product will be available for purchase via Kickstarter and will be produced by Sweetnam & Bradley – a sheet metal fabrication company based in Malmesbury.

Robbie, from Stroud, said: “While we were studying at university we lived in student accommodation and had very bad ovens.

“Nothing was cooking properly, some fries in the back would be burnt, in the front they wouldn’t cook at all and they would be soggy in the middle.

“It was the same with pizzas, you had to turn them over and over to cook them.

“So we thought there had to be a way to cook everything without buying a very expensive oven.

“We found that products on the market with similar functionality were either very expensive or we didn’t even think they would work properly.

“If you own a house, you can just buy a new oven, but for people like me who move every year as a student, you can’t buy a new oven.

“Now you can just take the tray with you wherever you need it, and it will always work.”

BakePlate also plans to develop an equivalent pizza tray in the future, as well as a cutting board.

You can buy the plate online at