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The Best Crumbl Cookie Flavors

TheThat’s why everyone freaks out every time a new Crumbl Cookies store opens.

If youI already had one, youwill know exactly what wetalk again. Since bursting onto the candy scene (not to mention our taste buds) in 2017, this cookie chain has made a name for itself with its exceptional combination of classic and inventive flavors.

With a menu of just four or five flavors that change weekly, youisn’t always guaranteed to get your hands on your favorite when youLucky enough to set foot in your nearest Crumbl. However, this does notThat doesn’t mean the flavors that fall into your lap aren’tit won’t be worth trying! While we love all the flavors Crumbl has crafted for their beloved cookie boxes, we decided to make your life easier by whipping up a definitive ranking of their best flavors. Lets jump directly with:

10. Caramel popcorn

Salty, sweet and sticky are just three words to describe caramel covered popcorn, but they could also be used for this decadent caramel cookie from Crumbl. WeLet’s start our list of the definitive ranking of the best Crumbl cookie flavors again with a beloved of adventurous eaters and those who never stray from the classics: the Caramel Popcorn cookie. What really makes this one, besides the chewy cookie and popcorn topping, is the thick and delicious caramel icing, which is so good we could almost eat it with a spoon (but we won’t).t, because we can eat it on this cookie instead).

9. Confetti Cake

If youIf you’re a fan of all things birthday cake flavored (or just lick the spoon when baking one), then this cake batter cookie topped with cake batter frosting cake is exactly what you need. Oh yeah, did we mention the frosting is cake batter Cream cheese Icing? Add this one to your box and thank us later.

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8. Dulce De Leche

If there iss a dessert we could all easily sink into like a cool pillow at the end of a long day, its dulce de leche. This traditional Latin American dessert gets a savory twist in the form of this Crumbl Cookie flavor, which is built with a perfectly spiced cinnamon cookie (think snickerdoodle) thatIt’s covered in rich dulce de leche before being coated in a delicious dulce de leche cream cheese frosting. This one makes it to our definitive best list because it wins major points for flavor and aesthetics. Your Instagram story will thrive if you manage to snap a picture of that perfect swirl on top before biting.

7. Peppermint Oreo

If you hate peppermint, look away (or read on to be tempted to try this seasonal flavor). The Peppermint Oreo Crumbl Cookie is the perfect treat for anyone who loves all things holiday-related, or even just puts Thin Mints at the top of their Girls Scout Cookie favorites. The reason we included it in our list of the best Crumbl cookie flavors is that it is nott so terribly niche or overdone as some of the other seasonals can be. In fact, hea perfectly balanced treat made with a chocolate cookie, peppermint frosting and a crushed candy cane on top. And no, you wonDon’t be left with any of those toothpaste-tasting after effects, either.

6. Cookie dough

Wait, a fully baked cookie tastes like an unbaked cookie? Yeah, thatit’s true—and it’sa flavor that only the evil geniuses of Crumbl could come up with. For all the cookie dough (or even cookie dough ice cream) lovers out there, this one’s a better backup flavor that features a chewy, pleasantly cooled brown sugar cookie topped with buttercream frosting inspired by cookie dough ice cream and, of course, chocolate crumble the cookie dough pieces. If youIf you’re looking for a flavor that kicks your favorite chocolate chip up a notch without going too far out of the box, this is the one.

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5. Blueberry Cheesecake

Fruit lovers rejoice, were here with the first mostly fruity flavor on this list from Crumbls best flavors. Something about the blueberry pairs so well with the texture of the graham cracker and the tangy creaminess of the cheesecake frosting, making for a ripe, well-balanced cookie thats crave-worthy for all.

4.Reeses Peanut Butter Cup

Put ondon’t worry, peanut butter lovers, we haveI did not forget you. Quite the contrary, in fact—CrumblThe rich peanut butter flavors are just so good, they deserved a spot closer to the finish line on this list of the best. The ReeseThe PB Cup flavor is a perfectly crumbly version of a classic peanut butter cookie, especially thanks to the peanut butter cup pieces that run through the base and the peanut butter filling. and a final finish of crushed PB cups on top makes this a perfect 10 for anyone with a taste for a good old fashioned Reeses.

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3. Buckeye Brownies

Speaking of peanut butter, we couldDon’t go too far in this list of the best Crumbl cookies without mentioning the unique and so delicious Buckeye Brownie cookie. If youI’ve never had a buckeye – a candy made with peanut butter, powdered sugar and lots of chocolate – youyou’re really missing something, but you wonYou won’t need to do this much longer if your local Crumbl has this buckeye-inspired cookie in stock. Thisa dense chocolaty cookie that’s more like a well-baked brownie stuffed with gooey chocolate chips and topped with the classic Buckeye topping and chocolate sauce to tie it all together (if you weren’tt already in a chocolate coma reading all this). Oh, and to put the icing on the cake, heis served hot.

2. Biscoff lava

This cookie is literally bursting with flavor – in the form of an ooey, gooey Biscoff spread (a Nutella-like creation made with speculoos cookies for a creamy, buttery spread), that is. This stuffed cookie could easily become Biscoff overload, but Crumbl has cracked the code on how to keep it all perfectly balanced with the right mix of cookie, filling, and dream-worthy filling.

1. Chocolate chips

And finally, the winner who deserves a place in your pretty pink cookie box every time you visit Crumbl: the eternal and original chocolate chip cookie. This flavor was Crumbls first (and only, for a while), and itit’s not hard to see whyhas remained a staple ever since. Yes heher Ordinary flavor thats far from the most adventurous – looking at you, Cornbread, Peach Cobbler, Waffle and Cinnamon Fry Bread – but it has just enough spin that itit’s not worth messing with a classic. This signature flavor features milk chocolate chips rather than traditional semi-sweet, and it hits the sweet spot (pun intended) for its blend of buttery sweetness and sweet but not cloying chocolate. If youIf you’re in the mood for a cookie at any time, this mainstay will soon become your go-to for curing your sweet tooth.

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We could have continued this list, but we limited ourselves to the best of the best. Now, heit’s time to visit your nearest Crumbl Cookie store, see whats on the menu of the week and fill your own box to the brim with best-in-class flavors from this definitive ranking. And thatIt’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

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